Who mentions Annie Grace or This Naked Mind? What do they have to say? Peruse the links below to find out.

Annie Grace on the Crappy to Happy Podcast with Cass Dunn

Annie Grace joined Cass Dunn on the Crappy to Happy podcast to discuss the keys to changing your relationship with alcohol. Changing Your

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Shift Your Perspective on Drinking – Hello Someday Podcast

I was honored to join Casey McGuire Davidson on the 100th episode of her Hello Someday Podcast to talk about how to shift

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A Reminder for when we feel Overwhelmed with Being Human – Elephant Journal

Being human can be a monumental undertaking at times. The weight of feeling everything and moving through daily tasks can seem overwhelming. I

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Over The Influence Podcast with Annie Grace

Annie Grace joins Sharon, Freddie, and Ben, on the Over The Influence podcast to help bring people together on their own alcohol-free journeys

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The One Place I Never Thought I’d Need to go Looking for Love.

I join Elephant Journal to dive into why I never thought I’d need to go looking for love from myself. Looking For Love

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How I Went From Drinking Two Bottles of Wine a Night To Launching The Alcohol Experiment

Annie Grace joins Newsweek to discuss how she went from drinking two bottles of wine a night to helping over 235,000 people find

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