How to Achieve the Sex Trifecta (& One Thing that Keeps us from it)

Mind-blowing sex. Earth-shattering orgasms. Relationships that rock you to your soul. For most of us that seems like the holy grail of relationships. And a complete fantasy. Unattainable. You might get one or two, but the sex trifecta is the stuff of fairy tales. It just isn’t possible. I discovered it is possible but one thing holds us back.

Achieving The Sex Trifecta

What is it that keeps us apart and prevents us from achieving the pleasure and the intimacy that would fulfill both people and foster a relationship that does rock you to your soul?

The answer might surprise you because it is what most of us turn to when we want to loosen up, bond, or spice up our relationships.


Finding Intimacy

Whether it’s a romantic bottle of wine, beers around the fire pit, or tequila making your clothes fall off, it’s also what stands in the way of connecting with your partner and finding intimacy. Physical intimacy, emotional intimacy, spiritual intimacy.

Alcohol is not an aphrodisiac. Actually, it is the antithesis of an aphrodisiac. It does nothing to improve relationships.

The Lies About Alcohol and Sex

Many of us believe that alcohol makes us more willing, less inhibited, and more enthusiastic to have sex. It’s hard not to believe that when everything points to needing alcohol to feel and get sexy. Music, books, movies—they all reaffirm that false belief. False because, when we look at how alcohol acts on us physically and psychologically, we know that it can’t do the things we expect it to do between the sheets (or wherever it is you’re getting it on!).


Sex Without Alcohol?

If you’re not sure if sex without alcohol is in the books for you, join us in The Alcohol Experiment. Over 335,000 people have gone through this free 30-day experiment where we explore life without booze (including sex and alcohol), take a look at your beliefs, your relationships, and more, alcohol-free.