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You Need To Stop Trying To Stop Drinking

If you truly want to get control over your drinking, once and for all, you really need to stop trying to stop drinking. [...]

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Living A Life Without Alcohol – Charlie’s Naked Life

As of writing this, I have spent ONE ENTIRE YEAR living a life WITHOUT ALCOHOL. In short, and in spite of the obvious [...]

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Making the Choice to Live a Life Free From Alcohol – Karen’s Naked Life

Karen made a choice to live a life free from alcohol. Today she shares an excerpt with us from her book - YOU [...]

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Alcohol-Free Through This Naked Mind At 62- PJ’s Naked Life

PJ became alcohol-free through This Naked Mind after 50 years of chasing that buzz. It is not your typical TNM progression of events [...]

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Taking A Chance At Sobriety – Tracy’s Naked Life

Tracy decided that taking a chance at sobriety had to be better than living a life stuck drinking. Her journey was one of [...]

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3 Reasons Why You Are Bored Without Alcohol

I'm just so bored without alcohol! That is a question/complaint that comes through our inboxes and comments so often! Why is it that [...]

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Why Am I Failing at Quitting Drinking – Ash’s Naked Life

Ash felt like the only thing she could get right when it came to alcohol was to keep failing at quitting drinking. This [...]

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What You Need To Be Asking Instead of Am I An Alcoholic

One of the scariest questions we find ourselves asking is am I an alcoholic? In fact, the very idea that we might need [...]

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How I Broke Free From Alcohol – Annie’s Naked Life

All these years and I've never written a Naked Life story of my own! Can you believe it? Here's the story of how [...]

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