EP 154: Reader Question – Why am I having sugar cravings during a break from alcohol? Annie Grace answers.

Is it odd to miss something we never really had? When sugar isn’t something that we really had a lot of BEFORE quitting alcohol, then why the insane craving AFTER quitting? Annie leads us to an understanding of [...]

EP 143: Coaching Questions: Introducing Head Naked Mind Coach Scott Pinyard

Today, Annie introduces This Naked Mind’s head coach, Scott Pinyard. Scott will be hosting a monthly podcast called ‘Coaching Questions’, where he will answer some of the difficult, intense questions surrounding quitting drinking. Get to know Scott and [...]

EP 140: Reader Question – After a while not drinking, when I drink again I feel so much worse than before. Why is this?

I don’t drink nearly the amount I used to, but when I do – I now get the worst hangovers. Is this normal? Annie explains that YES, this is normal and tells us why. She educates us on [...]