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How To Plan Your Year of Change Using the This Naked Mind Approach

Change. In January most of us are full of ambition and high hopes for how this year will be different. This year that [...]

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Celebrating Without Wine – Cora’s Naked Life

The idea of celebrating without wine seemed ludicrous to Cora. Yet, the idea of continuing to drink like she had been also seemed [...]

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What If You Didn’t Just Quit Drinking?

Have you ever considered how life might be different if you didn't just quit drinking? What if instead of just being a non-drinker, [...]

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Free From The Beast – Phil’s Naked Life

Phil knew he needed to stop drinking. In fact, during lockdown, it was his constant companion. He joined The Alcohol Experiment with his [...]

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How To Get Curious About Your Drinking

A new year is upon us which leads many of us to reflect upon things we'd like to examine or change in the [...]

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Able To Handle Alcohol – Belinda’s Naked Life

From early on Belinda knew she was able to handle alcohol. That continued until life threw so much pain at her that the [...]

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Why You Should Do Dry January

Without a doubt I believe that if you're reading this you should do Dry January. This month long break from alcohol has become [...]

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Alcohol in Moderation Didn’t Work – Eric’s Naked Life

Eric learned that alcohol in moderation didn't work. This Naked Mind allowed him to finally live alcohol free and happy! Alcohol Free For [...]

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How To Enjoy The Holiday Season While Staying Alcohol Free

Can I start by just saying that there is no guide to how we're supposed to navigate anything in this new pandemic world? [...]

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