EP 278: Reader Question – How can friends and family support someone who is changing their relationship with alcohol?

Can you easily refuse a drink or limit your alcohol consumption? Are you having a hard time understanding the way someone in your life is dealing with (or not dealing with) their drinking? If you are a partner, [...]

EP 274: Reader Question – My biggest obstacle is that I love the taste of wine, I understand I acquired the taste but I still love it!?

Can our brains really unlearn something we spent so long teaching them? Why, when we know something is harming us and we need to remove it from our lives, do we pine over it for so long? On [...]

EP 270: Reader Question – How do I stay creative and finish my studies without drinking?

What is the scientific connection between drinking alcohol and creativity? Why do we believe alcohol fuels creativity? How does it impact the creative part of our brain? Why do we feel like we can focus better on things [...]