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4 Alcohol-Free Drinks to Make in November

Are you looking for some alcohol-free drinks to make this November and coming up short? The team here at This Naked Mind has [...]

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How to Stop Believing you need to be Happy all the Time.

You’ve been sold a lie. In fact, we all have. Somewhere along the line, we were conditioned to believe we’re supposed to be [...]

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Motivation – December 2021 Monthly Journaling Challenge

Journaling is a powerful tool when it comes to behavior change. It is part of almost every program we offer at This Naked [...]

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This Naked Mind Book Club – The Upside of Stress

I have enjoyed diving back into the books that have been an important part of my journey with you each month. For December's [...]

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The Time For Rethinking My Drinking Habits – Tracy’s Naked Life

Like so many others, Tracy found that the pandemic changed her drinking habits. "It was time to rethink my drinking habits!" she says. [...]

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7 Amazing Tips To Stay Alcohol-Free Through The Holiday Season

If you gave up alcohol during the pandemic this could be the first holiday season that you're going to be taking part in [...]

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This Naked Mind Book Club – The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World

Back in the early days of This Naked Mind, I would suggest a book or another valuable piece of information at the end [...]

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The Importance of Good Support Systems in Recovery from Substance Use Disorders

Community can make all the difference in recovery and sober living. Getting sober can be one of the most powerful decisions you can [...]

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The Movember Move Men Should be Making—but Aren’t.

Movember conjures up images of pretty epic handlebar mustaches and events at local breweries to raise funds in support of men’s health issues—specifically [...]

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Dry January Gone Wrong: A Look at Alcohol and Sobriety – Kristie’s Naked Life

Kristie found Dry January to be an eye-opening experience. She decided to take a hard look at alcohol and sobriety. Find out the [...]

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