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How To Practice Gratitude During Times of Trouble

Gratitude - we hear how important it is to practice gratitude. During times of trouble it can be difficult to find anything to [...]

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Understanding Why I Drank – Matt’s Naked Life

Matt says "Understanding why I drank was crucial in finally being able to stop." With a family history of drinking, rehab, and many [...]

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Reconnecting Without Alcohol – Alternatives to Drinksgiving

It's known as Blackout Wednesday, Drinksgiving, Whiskey Wednesday, and so many other monikers. In the US the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the biggest [...]

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Alcohol Was My Everything – Stacey’s Naked Life

"Alcohol was my everything." That's how Stacey and so many of us have felt. This Naked Mind allowed Stacey to see that alcohol [...]

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Lockdown Drinking – I’m Drinking Too Much During Covid

COVID. The mere word conjures up so many reactions in all of us. Fear. Anger. Grief. The range of emotions stretches as long [...]

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No Longer Drinking Too Much – Deb’s Naked Life

A lifetime drinker, Deb found her drinking increasing as the years did. With the help of This Naked Mind she's no longer drinking [...]

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What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

The unknown. It has the potential to create so much fear and anxiety in us. Yet, it can also create so much excitement [...]

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Starting Over After Alcohol – Liz’s Naked Life

Liz found herself in a place she never imagined she'd be - starting over after alcohol took everything from her. With the things [...]

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TNM Exclusive – Your Next Read – Quit Lit For Men

I've seen this asked a few times now - why does it seem like all the quit lit out there is written for [...]

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