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Better Health Begins With Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol awareness...what does that even mean? I'm pretty sure we're all aware that alcohol exists. What else do we need to be aware [...]

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5 Important Steps To Maintain Mental Health During The Pandemic

Being able to maintain mental health is a challenge during the best of times. Doing it in the midst of a pandemic that [...]

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I Just Want To Drink Less – Penny’s Naked Life

I just want to drink less. How many of us have said those words? Penny felt the same way. It took over five [...]

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How To Avoid Isolation in Sobriety

Making the shift to becoming a non-drinker can be a time filled with irony. We hear that the opposite of addiction is connection [...]

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Living A Nightmare – Maria’s Naked Life

Maria spent most of her life avoiding alcohol so she was shocked to discover herself living a nightmare in her 50s. A life [...]

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How To Embrace An Antifragile Mindset

We've reached a place in time where being resilient just isn't enough. Resilience means to be able to recover quickly from difficult situations. [...]

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Letting Drinking Go – Liz’s Naked Life

Letting drinking go - that was the answer for Liz. It started with The Alcohol Experiment and turned into the life she'd been [...]

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10 Of The Most Valuable Lessons Learned From Quarantine

It's hard to believe that we've been dealing with Covid-19, quarantine, lockdown, and all the restrictions that come with it for over a [...]

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A Break From Alcohol – Carrie’s Naked Life

Carrie took a break from alcohol thanks to old friends, This Naked Mind, The Alcohol Experiment, and Dry January. She's now looking forward [...]

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