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How Giving Up Alcohol Changed Everything – Chelsea’s Naked Life

Giving up alcohol changed everything for Chelsea. It was one of the hardest things she ever did, but The Alcohol Experiment proved pivotal [...]

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5 Killer Tips for Avoiding Alcohol and Loving Life

It can often seem like there are only two options when it comes to drinking alcohol - drink and feel part of the [...]

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No Longer Fueled By Alcohol – Claire’s Naked Life

Claire's life was fueled by alcohol from a very early age. From socializing as a teen to university, dealing with grief, career, changes, [...]

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No Longer Blacking Out My Life – Annie’s Naked Life

"I'm blacking out my life!" That is how Annie felt when she started doing the math around her drinking and frequent blackouts. She [...]

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From Gray Area Drinking To Choosing To Be Alcohol Free – Tavish’s Naked Life

Gray area drinking is something many of us fall into. Drinking more than we'd like to but not enough for society to deem [...]

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Five Reasons Alcohol Increases Anxiety (and how to avoid it!)

If you have ever had a long night filled with drinking, you've probably experienced some form of hangxiety the next day. It's true [...]

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You Need To Stop Trying To Stop Drinking

If you truly want to get control over your drinking, once and for all, you really need to stop trying to stop drinking. [...]

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Living A Life Without Alcohol – Charlie’s Naked Life

As of writing this, I have spent ONE ENTIRE YEAR living a life WITHOUT ALCOHOL. In short, and in spite of the obvious [...]

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Making the Choice to Live a Life Free From Alcohol – Karen’s Naked Life

Karen made a choice to live a life free from alcohol. Today she shares an excerpt with us from her book - YOU [...]

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