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How to Achieve the Sex Trifecta (& One Thing that Keeps us from it)

Mind-blowing sex. Earth-shattering orgasms. Relationships that rock you to your soul. For most of us that seems like the holy grail of relationships.

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Free to be alcohol-free – choosing to skip the booze

More and more people are choosing to skip the booze. Find out why they feel free to be alcohol-free! A collection of recent

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3 Things we Need to Understand about our Emotions—& How it can Change our Lives

Learning to understand our emotions can actually allow us to change how they make us feel and how we feel about them. Read

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Why you crave sugar when you quit alcohol during Dry January, and how to curb your sweet tooth

Do you find that you crave sugar when you quit alcohol? You’re not alone and there is a scientific reason behind it! Let’s

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8 surprising things that can happen within days of quitting alcohol for Dry January

Quitting alcohol for Dry January can bring many benefits, such as improved sleep, skin, and mood. Cutting out alcohol, even temporarily, has invisible

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Many people have already broken Dry January. Here’s how to resist a drink, and how to bounce back if have one.

Data suggests the first Friday of the month is a popular slip-up day in Dry January, and most people cave at one point

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