Over The Influence Podcast with Annie Grace

Annie Grace joins Sharon, Freddie, and Ben, on the Over The Influence podcast to help bring people together on their own alcohol-free journeys to celebrate just how wonderful life without booze can be!

Over The Influence Podcast with Annie Grace

Annie talks about her philosophy when it comes to giving up drinking. How taking away the desire for alcohol through her research meant that she was no longer tempted by it. She also talks about society as a whole and how many things still need to change. How also, we all have the power to have an impact as individuals.

Annie’s first book, This Naked Mind, is one of the first books that most people go to when they’re thinking about changing their relationship with alcohol. In this conversation, she tells us about how the book went from a personal project to a self-published work. Also, how it went on to become a global phenomenon with nearly one million copies sold.

About The Podcast

Sharon, Freddie, and Ben are three normal people who decided to give up alcohol to see how their lives would change. They are not medical experts but they are expert ex-drinkers. They now use their podcast to encourage and inspire people with stories of alcohol-free journeys and how amazing life can be without the influence of alcohol in it.

Listen to Annie on the Over The Influence Podcast

Click here to listen to Annie on the podcast – https://www.overtheinfluence.co.uk/podcast/episode/504af164/s3-ep47-annie-grace-this-naked-mind

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