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Bestselling author Annie Grace invites you to explore the role of alcohol in our lives and culture without rules, pain, or judgement. Join Annie and hundreds of others as they share their real, honest and open stories about the role of alcohol in their lives and how they found their freedom and regained control.

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EP 327: Coaching Questions with Scott Pinyard

In this month’s coaching episode, This Naked Mind head coach Scott Pinyard changes things up a bit and welcomes Karla Adkins, one of our incredible certified senior coaches. Karla shares about her

EP 326: Reader Question – Why am I so confident now that I don’t drink?

What is it that makes your confidence skyrocket when you stop drinking? Is it something in your brain? Something else? If alcohol chips away at confidence, how do you get it back?

EP 325: Naked Life Story – Jenny

Growing up in Louisiana, Jenny experienced a boozy culture every day. She comes from a long line of storytellers and brings her own wonderful narrative skill to this podcast episode. Jenny’s first

EP 324: Reader Question – Does Annie Grace think AA is wrong?

It’s a controversial question, one Annie Grace gets asked a lot. Does she think AA is wrong? In today’s episode, Annie shares her feelings about and experience with Alcoholics Anonymous, what AA

EP 323: Naked Life Story – Laura H.

Laura had her first drink at 16. Flunked out of college due to partying. Saw firsthand the effects of drinking in her father’s alcoholic girlfriend. Got stuck in the server/bartender lifestyle, spending

EP 322: Reader Question – How do I deal with the fear of being exposed as an alcoholic?

How do you balance your desire to remain private about your decision not to drink with the openness you know will bring you freedom? Is there any way to honor your need

EP 321: Everything is Spiritual with Rob Bell

On today’s episode, Annie Grace welcomes Rob Bell, New York Times bestselling author and named by TIME Magazine in 2011 one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. They talk

EP 320: Reader Question – What is the pink cloud?

The term “pink cloud” is generally used to describe a state in which a someone abstaining from drugs or alcohol manifests euphoria, overconfidence, and a false sense of wellbeing, therefore making them

EP 319: Naked Life Story – Emily

Emily never had a problem giving up alcohol during her pregnancies. However, each time she started drinking again, she noticed she drank more than she used to. She made rules for herself