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Bestselling author Annie Grace invites you to explore the role of alcohol in our lives and culture without rules, pain, or judgment. Join Annie and hundreds of others as they share their real, honest and open stories about the role of alcohol in their lives and how they found their freedom and regained control.

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EP 699: Naked Life Story – Mary F.

Have you ever felt like you’re too old and too set in your ways to change your relationship with alcohol? Maybe you’ve tried cutting back in the past, but nothing seems to

EP 698: Reader’s Question – What’s the link between alcohol and depression?

What is the link between alcohol and depression?  Have you ever tried to quit drinking and felt even worse?  It turns out there’s a scientific reason for this, and in this episode

EP 697: Naked Life Story – Danielle F.

Ever wake up with a fuzzy memory and a pounding headache, wondering what happened the night before?  Our guest Danielle knows that feeling all too well. In this episode, Danielle opens up

EP 696: Reader’s Question – Is the drunk you the real you?

Is the drunk you, the real you? Ever question if those silly moments or regrettable actions after a few drinks reveal your true self? The saying “in vino veritas” (wine reveals truth)

EP 695: Naked Life Story – (Hayley) – Where are they now? Molly

Have you ever listened to a Naked Life Story and thought to yourself – I wonder what they are up to now? Wonder no more as we bring back your favorite guests

EP 694: Reader’s Question – Can I Not Call Myself an Alcoholic?

Has the thought – Can I just not call myself an alcoholic? – ever crossed your mind? Do you ever feel stuck with a label that just doesn’t fit anymore?  Maybe you’ve

EP 693: Naked Life Story – Ginelle T.

Is AA not the only answer? Ginelle felt stuck after nine years in a 12 step program, but yearned for a life where she wasn’t just saying “no” to alcohol. In this

EP 692: Reader’s Question – Why Do I Keep Drinking When I Said I Wouldn’t?

Why do I keep drinking when I said I wouldn’t? It happens to the best of us! Ever tell yourself you’d skip the drinks, then find yourself reaching for a glass anyway?

EP 691: Naked Life Story – Rebecca G.

Ever wonder if that glass of wine is really helping your creative flow?  This episode, we dive deep into the surprising truth about how alcohol affects artists. Our guest, Rebecca, shares her