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Bestselling author Annie Grace invites you to explore the role of alcohol in our lives and culture without rules, pain, or judgement. Join Annie and hundreds of others as they share their real, honest and open stories about the role of alcohol in their lives and how they found their freedom and regained control.

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EP 381: Naked Life Story – Lauren

As a child in a family where alcoholism ran rampant, Lauren used to pour bottles of wine down the drain and break packs of cigarettes. There was emotional neglect in her home

EP 380: Reader Question – What’s Different About This Naked Mind?

So, what makes This Naked Mind different? That’s what a journalist who knew nothing about This Naked Mind asked Annie Grace recently. On today’s episode, Annie answers that exact question and also

EP 379: Naked Life Story – Caitlin

Caitlin was a Type A kid who got good grades, played sports, fit the mold, and checked all the boxes. She had her first drink on her 21st birthday with her parents

EP 378: Reader Question – Can I just take a break from alcohol?

Is quitting drinking forever the only answer? Or, is it possible to just take a break for a little while? Are there rules for how long the break needs to be before

EP 377: Naked Life Story – Brandi

Growing up, Brandi received mixed messages about alcohol. On one hand, she was told how evil it is and to stay away from it. On the other, she saw alcohol present at

EP 376: Reader Question – Will I ever stop wanting to drink?

Have you stopped drinking and maybe now feel a little bit afraid of alcohol? Like one day there will be a craving you just can’t ignore? Are you worried that the desire

EP 375: Naked Life Story – Arlan Hamilton

As a kid around drinking adults, Arlan was always worried about who would be able to help if there was an emergency. In her twenties, she spent a lot of time in

EP 374: Reader Question – Is it possible to quit cold turkey?

Can someone really quit drinking cold turkey? Just stop and not start again? Is it possible? Is it safe? First and foremost, if you are at all concerned that you might suffer

EP 373: Naked Life Story – Matt

Matt is a married father of four whose passion for living alcohol free is truly contagious. He fully owns and transparently and shamelessly shares all aspects of his journey, including the work