Media Appearances

Good Morning America – This Naked Mind Author, Annie Grace

Windy City LIVE

KUSA-TV – Author Annie Grace – The Naked Mind

AZTV – Take the 30 Day Alcohol-Free Challenge

KTNV – Morning Blend – The Alcohol Experiment With Author Annie Grace

KTLA – The Alcohol Experiment With Author Annie Grace

WGN – Author says 30 days alcohol-free changed her life

PHL17 – Join the 50,000 People Taking Part in the Alcohol Experiment

Good Morning America – Dry January Challenge

Alcohol As A Drug of Choice

I was delighted to join Roman Travers on his Sunday Cafe. It’s a conversation at a cafe, covering off the Sunday papers in a laid back way. Our conversation focuses on alcohol as a drug of choice and how the dynamic is shifting. We discuss why and how to take a break from alcohol as well.

EPISODE 362: Do You Drink Too Much?

That glass of red wine after dinner soon turns into two or three. On Friday and Saturday, two or three often turns into a bottle or two. After a decade or more of drinking, it’s not uncommon to clock in 30+ drinks per week. It creeps up slowly, so it can almost go unnoticed. But your body, mind, and spirit notice, and it has a real impact.

The Truth About Alcohol: Annie Grace of This Naked Mind

I’m so excited to speak today with Annie Grace, the founder of “This Naked Mind” — a book and a large community dedicated to helping people change their relationship with alcohol, or quit all together.

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