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How I Finally Broke the Link between Anxiety & Alcohol. ~ Annie Grace

Breaking The Link Between Anxiety and Alcohol Now more than ever, self-medicating with alcohol is often encouraged. There are virtual happy hours or social distancing

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I could always find a Reason to Drink. Now I have So Many Reasons Not To. ~ Annie Grace

I’d be hard-pressed to find any day of the year where we can’t come up with a justification for why we should be

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Why Sober Sex is the Best Sex you’ll Ever Have. ~ Annie Grace

Sober Sex. It was a huge obstacle for me when it came to changing my relationship with alcohol. I had convinced myself that

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I Didn’t Follow the Rules to Quit Drinking—& I’m Not Sorry About It. ~ Annie Grace

When you picture someone quitting drinking, there’s almost a formula you think they need to follow. “The Rules To Quit Drinking”It’s either a

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How Compassion helped me find Freedom from Drinking. ~ Annie Grace

When I first made the choice to stop drinking and start talking about it, I often heard from friends and family, “Oh, I

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Drinking more alcohol these days? You are not alone

If you have been drinking more alcohol during this coronavirus pandemic, you are not the only one. Overall, alcohol sales are up 55% compared

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