5 Ways Judgment keeps us from Healing. ~ Annie Grace

Annie Grace joins Elephant Journal to discuss the ways judgment keeps us from healing. Can we all make one simple promise when it

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Here’s To Your Health with Joshua Lane – The Alcohol Experiment

Annie Grace joins Joshua Lane on Here’s To Your Health to discuss The Alcohol Experiment. A 30 day Alcohol-Free challenge to interrupt your

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Saturday Live with Carol Dooley

Dispelling The Alcohol Myth Anne Grace was a high flying executive downing 2 bottles of wine a night until she realised that not

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Giving up alcohol with awareness not just abstinence

Radio New Zealand talks with Annie Grace about giving up alcohol with awareness and what being a mindful drinker means. ‘Tis the season

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Thinking about not drinking? These authors can inspire your journey

Books to read when you’re thinking about not drinking An Amazon bestseller that’s been featured on “Good Morning America,” Annie Grace’s “This Naked

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I started drinking at 13 & used to down 2 bottles of wine a night, my partner was set to leave but now I’m a year sober

Jessica shares how she went from a self-proclaimed party girl to a year sober and the role This Naked Mind played. A MUM

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Are You Ready For Freedom? 
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Imagine the life you will lead when alcohol is not taking up space in your mind, heart, or thoughts. And it is certainly not negatively affecting your life or health.

Imagine being that ALIVE and joyfully loving every minute.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.
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