Meet Annie Grace

My Story


I move from Colorado to New York City and am told by a coworker that I need to show up at happy hours because they are where good ideas were heard and deals were done and if I am serious about my career I would start to come.


I develop a method for drinking without ever getting drunk. A glass of wine, a glass of water. Sometimes, if I felt too tipsy I would sneak into the bathroom and throw up the last glass of wine just to keep drinking more.


I am pregnant with my first son. I take 9 months off drinking and feel upset and deprived the entire time. After the baby comes I start back with a vengeance, making up for ‘lost time’. I start drinking every night no matter if I was at home or on a work trip.


My second son is born and I suffer severe postpartum depression. I turn to alcohol to cope. For the first time, I am drinking for more than purely social reasons – although I can’t pinpoint the exact time my drinking takes a turn.


I am put on a new antidepressant that gives me an incredible tolerance. Instead of drinking less I start to drink more because it takes so much more to ‘feel it’.


I am now a global marketing executive, responsible for 28 countries and traveling internationally twice a month – always in first class. Drinking at business lunches, and even at business breakfasts becomes commonplace.


I am living between London and Colorado and drinking close to 2 bottles of wine every night. I make all sorts of rules for myself, only 2 glasses, no drinking until Friday night and nothing works. I am losing trust in myself and internal pain is making my drinking worse.

Fall 2014

I realize that my rules aren’t working and I start to ask a new question. What changed? Why could I take it or leave it and now alcohol seems to be the only thing in my life I can’t get a handle on? I start researching to answer this question.


I’ve completed almost a year’s worth of research and have completely changed my desires (both conscious and subconscious) around alcohol. I am free! I tell my husband if he wants to get drunk with me again tonight is the night as I don’t think I’ll ever drink again.

Spring 2015

I put my research out on the internet for other people, I figure the information helped me and I wonder if it will help others. Over 20,000 people download the PDF in 2 weeks. I start getting emails from all over the world – people telling me that this helped them when nothing else did. I decide to take my research and self-publish This Naked Mind.

Fall 2015

This Naked Mind is published on Amazon.


I am asked by a Psychiatrist in the UK for a certification program, he wants to use This Naked Mind methodology in his practice because of how effective it is. We begin work on what will ultimately become This Naked Mind Institute.

September 2017

I realize that not everyone wants to stop, but would love to take a break. The Alcohol Experiment is born – a free online community with daily emails and videos to take a 30-day break from alcohol.

October 2017

The top 5 Publishers get in a bidding war for This Naked Mind & my new book The Alcohol Experiment. I meet all the publishers and end up going with Avery, at Penguin Random House.

January 2018

This Naked Mind is republished by Penguin Random House. I make an appearance on Good Morning America and the book catches fire across the nation because it is so effective.

January 2019

The Alcohol Experiment is published. I go on a multi-city media tour and thousands of people join the free online Alcohol Experiment.

July 2019

This Naked Mind Institute is launched and we certify a first class of coaches, therapists, counselors and medical professionals in This Naked Mind methodology.

Present Day

120,000 people have gone through The Alcohol Experiment. We’ve launched The PATH, a monthly membership site where you can totally reinvent your relationship with alcohol with four key pillars: Content, Community, Coaching and Connection.

What I

  • I believe (and the science says!) that a positive approach is far more effective than a negative approach. Scare tactics & willpower don’t work over the long term and true, lasting change comes from positive desire.
  • As a first step we must put down the weapons of shame and blame. Let ourselves off the hook and then understand our power.
  • We are not powerless. In fact, the more we know and understand, the more powerful we become.
  • There is no ‘right way’, but I have found that the path to changing your thinking, and therefore your desire, can be the most fun and least painful way to change.

We Are Not All That Different…

You might be thinking I am different than you. Maybe you think you’ve been drinking for too long, or that you are too set in your ways, or that you’ve tried everything before. Maybe you feel that I somehow got lucky and you doubt this can work for you. After all, you’ve tried everything. Let me tell you, after helping hundreds of thousands of people reinvent their relationship with alcohol, we are not all that different. Alcohol works the same in the human brain, and the science-based techniques that got me free can and will work for you. If you are skeptical, don’t worry. Skepticism won’t impact the result. So often we don’t believe it is possible until it is done.