Meet Annie Grace

What I

  • I believe (and the science says!) that a positive approach is far more effective than a negative approach. Scare tactics & willpower don’t work over the long term and true, lasting change comes from positive desire.
  • As a first step we must put down the weapons of shame and blame. Let ourselves off the hook and then understand our power.
  • We are not powerless. In fact, the more we know and understand, the more powerful we become.
  • There is no ‘right way’, but I have found that the path to changing your thinking, and therefore your desire, can be the most fun and least painful way to change.

We Are Not All That Different…

You might be thinking I am different than you. Maybe you think you’ve been drinking for too long, or that you are too set in your ways, or that you’ve tried everything before. Maybe you feel that I somehow got lucky and you doubt this can work for you. After all, you’ve tried everything. Let me tell you, after helping hundreds of thousands of people reinvent their relationship with alcohol, we are not all that different. Alcohol works the same in the human brain, and the science-based techniques that got me free can and will work for you. If you are skeptical, don’t worry. Skepticism won’t impact the result. So often we don’t believe it is possible until it is done.