The One Place I Never Thought I’d Need to go Looking for Love.

I join Elephant Journal to dive into why I never thought I’d need to go looking for love from myself.

Looking For Love Where I Never Expected To

Showing ourselves the same love and appreciation we freely give to our family, friends, and those we treasure isn’t easy. Somehow the flaws and imperfections in others are easier to forgive or look past than they are to accept or love in ourselves. We give others permission to be flawed but expect perfection in ourselves.

Why We Disconnect

The most common reason for this disconnect, and the unrealistic expectations we place upon ourselves, is that we see ourselves, past and future, as separate selves rather than embracing that who we were, who we are today, and who we are working to become are all the same person and all worthy of loving. We decide to direct that love and energy to someone who we deem is more worthy of it.

There is no one more worthy of love than you. And no love is more powerful than the love you have for yourself.

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