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Why You Might Be Drinking Too Much During Lockdown

Worried you might be drinking too much during lockdown? You’re not alone! The sale of alcohol rose a whopping 55% in March compared

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Rock Bottom Didn’t Make me Stop Drinking. ~ Annie Grace

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard that you have to hit rock bottom to stop drinking. Or

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My Drinking wasn’t Just a Habit—If it was, I’d have Stopped. ~ Annie Grace

Drinking is just a habit, right? It starts so innocently. Happy hour drinks after work. A glass of wine with dinner. Friday night

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Why This is Not the Time to Drink. ~ Annie Grace

This is not the time to drink. We all need to have all of our faculties and resources available not only to protect

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When you Quit Drinking & the Support isn’t There. ~ Annie Grace

I wasn’t met with the support to quit drinking that I had envisioned. Instead, there was a general sense of disbelief, scoffing, or

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The Hardest Part of Not Drinking. ~ Annie Grace

The hardest part of not drinking really surprised me. It wasn’t socializing without a drink. That came surprisingly easily. It wasn’t finding ways

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