The Hardest Part of Not Drinking. ~ Annie Grace

The hardest part of not drinking really surprised me.

It wasn’t socializing without a drink. That came surprisingly easily. It wasn’t finding ways to relax—it’s amazing how many other healthy ways exist.

No, the hardest part wasn’t what I expected it to be at all.

What came hardest about not drinking was me. I shockingly discovered that, without alcohol, I finally had to learn how to deal with messy, wonderful me. I’d drowned my thoughts, feelings, and my very personality with alcohol for so long that when I removed the alcohol, I wasn’t quite sure who I was anymore.

What did I like? More importantly, what didn’t I like? What was I scared of? Why didn’t I want to feel these feelings? What had I been missing out on while alcohol was stealing away pieces of my life and pieces of me?

The Journey

The prospect of facing that journey scared me. I knew things weren’t always going to be pleasant as I dug away at why I had let alcohol get so important and worked on who I wanted to be without it. Yet, if I was brave enough to live a life without alcohol while everyone else is celebrating it, I had to be brave enough to live a life with myself.

What I’ve discovered is that this journey has many layers and that they are all connected. Rather than a straight path that leads right to enlightenment, it’s more of a twisting mountain path with switchbacks, dead ends, and quite a few rivers to cross. Yet much like that mountain air, there’s incredible clarity and fulfillment along the path.


First and foremost, I needed to discover why I felt I needed to drink in the first place and what made it so important to me. I’ve always been a go-getter and driven to succeed, so when a higher-up told me that drinking was crucial to job success, I took his word for it. I made it a mission to be the best at drinking to succeed. I managed to do that but at an incredible loss to myself. If I wasn’t drinking, would I even have a chance at furthering my career?

Dealing With The Hardest Part of Not Drinking

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