Why Sober Sex is the Best Sex you’ll Ever Have. ~ Annie Grace

Sober Sex. It was a huge obstacle for me when it came to changing my relationship with alcohol.

I had convinced myself that I truly needed a few glasses of wine to get in the mood. I also truly believed that alcohol made sex better and more enjoyable.

I didn’t want to give alcohol up because there was no way sex could ever feel as good without it. Imagine the shock I experienced when I learned through science and personal experience that nothing could be further from the truth.

Here’s a little science on why the secret to the best sex you’ll ever have is sober sex:

Drinking reduces testosterone levels in both men and women. Ever heard of whiskey dick? There’s actually a medical term for it—alcohol-related erectile dysfunction.

The reason behind this occurrence has been tested outside the bedroom as well. A study performed with rats showed that their testicles decreased by 50 percent when fed a steady ethanol diet. Ethanol isn’t just what is fueling your car—it’s also in that beer, wine, or whiskey you’re drinking. And as a result of drinking it and reducing your testosterone, it’s also causing shrinking testicles, lower libido, lower sperm production, and the dreaded erectile dysfunction.

In this case, sober sex is obviously better than no sex at all—especially when you can’t perform at that pivotal moment.

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