I Didn’t Follow the Rules to Quit Drinking—& I’m Not Sorry About It. ~ Annie Grace

When you picture someone quitting drinking, there’s almost a formula you think they need to follow.

“The Rules To Quit Drinking”

It’s either a check into rehab, go through withdrawals and therapy scenario, or walking into a basement and announcing to all in the room that they are an alcoholic while nervously clutching a cup of poorly made coffee.

Sorry, that just wasn’t going to work for me.

For one thing, church basements really aren’t my thing, and I like my coffee well-made. For another, I’m not an alcoholic.

I couldn’t subscribe to being powerless over alcohol or stating I had moral failings. There was nothing wrong with my morals; I drank an addictive substance and got addicted to it. That’s not a moral failing, it’s science and chemistry at work.

So if rehab or 12 steps wasn’t going to be my jam, what else was there?

Well, I did what everyone is doing nowadays—I life-hacked my way out of drinking.

It’s funny how we think nothing of using all of the knowledge available at our fingertips in order to fix our homes, cook gourmet meals, repair a vehicle, or (as I did during COVID-19 lockdown) learn how to cut our children’s hair. But, when it comes to something like quitting drinking, people assume we need credentials and fancy letters after our names in order to do it.

Nope, not buying it. If the past few months have proven anything, it is that people are incredibly resilient and can do amazing things on their own. With or without the fancy letters after their name.

I had to spend a year researching, reading, and journaling to piece together why I was drinking too much, and how I could change my thinking so I didn’t want to drink. Alcohol had become my duct tape and it wasn’t sticking anymore. I scoured the internet and ordered every study I could find about alcohol use, our brains, and addiction. I studied psychology, read about Dr. John Sarno’s Mind-Body Connection, and dove into liminal thinking from Dave Gray. As I read, journaled, and examined not only why I drank, but also why I thought alcohol was fixing things, I uncovered just how wrong I’d been.

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