EP 233: Drink Like a Man with Johann Cabrera

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Partying, dancing and fun appears to be the way of life in the colorful Caribbean….the place where today’s guest grew up. Meet Johann Cabrera from the Drink Like a Man podcast. As a young boy in the Dominican Republic, Johann was told to he needed to learn how to “drink like a man”….advice that would bring him to close to living on the streets and contemplating suicide. Listen in as Johann walks us through his journey to freedom from alcohol.

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Ready to see if to drink like a man means not drinking at all? First start reading This Naked Mind for help!

Drink Like A Man Podcast

Here are the stories of the people who quit drinking for a period of time or altogether to find success in life. So here’s the big question, ” How do we; Men who are leaders, fathers, single or married, entrepreneurs, athletes, sons, and artist; How do we quit drinking and succeed in our relationships with ourselves, God, family, health, and money? The Drink Like A Man podcast has the answer. Our guests share their experience on how changing their relationship with Alcohol was the catalyst for their success.

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Next, tune into the complete podcast to hear more from Johann on how to drink like a man! In the end, that may mean not drinking at all.

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What We Discuss

  • family pressure to drink like a man
  • physical and sexual abuse
  • anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts
  • developing coping mechanisms



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