Share Your Story

If This Naked Mind has made an impact in your life and you feel inspired to pay it forward, there is one simple and powerful action you can take immediately.

Simply share your story.
You might worry that your story isn’t relevant, or that no one can relate. Alcohol addiction does not discriminate; it touches people from every walk of life. No matter your story, someone will be touched and inspired by what you have to say. Your story will provide hope. It may change someone’s life.

Perhaps you are thinking, “Wait, I’m not ready to commit to give up drinking.” That is not important. This Naked Mind is not about rules. It’s about knowledge and awareness. It’s about ending internal struggle and finding peace with yourself—no matter what that means for you.

What will inspire people is how your perspective has changed. If you have taken small actions, like choosing not to drink on a single occasion and realizing you enjoyed yourself, that is powerful! That is worth sharing. We need more people to help break down the societal conditioning that tells us alcohol is a vital part of life.

The fun I thought I was having while drinking did not outweigh the pain and torment that followed. – Read Mary’s Story

Your voice is important. It can be just as significant to give someone hope that they could enjoy a dinner out without wine than to tell them you’ve sworn off booze forever. The first seems realistic and eye-opening. It will give them hope for a better tomorrow.

Tell your story, as raw and real and true as it is.
If there is hope, write about it. Peace? Write about it. Fear? Write about it! Struggle? Write about it! My only criteria are that you tell it from the heart and with honesty.

Alcohol is a hidden and stigmatic problem of denial and fear. We are even afraid to ask the question “Am I drinking too much?” worrying that people will think we have a problem. So we all put on a good face, saving our worrying for 2 a.m. Google searches with our private browsers turned on. This is where your story will be available to others. That is where your words will spark hope in another. We must be brave and vulnerable, letting others know they are not alone in their struggle. We must force these questions, and the answers out into the open. We must let others know there is hope.

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I truly wish you the best in your journey. You are amazing – never forget it.

Thank you!
Annie Grace