EP 689: Interview with Dr. Melissa Kalt

EP 689 Transcript

Ever feel like you’re stuck in time weighed down by past experiences? Today on the This Naked Mind podcast, Annie Grace chats with Dr. Melissa Kalt, an expert in emotional trauma recovery. Dr. Kalt explains how past hurts can hold us back, even if they weren’t huge dramatic events.  They’ll explore the surprising ways our bodies store trauma, and how healthy emotional expression is key to moving forward.  Learn how to finally break free from the grip of the past and write a new story for your life – all with Dr. Kalt’s powerful guidance.

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Highlights of Emotional Trauma Recovery with Dr. Melissa Kalt

Emotional trauma is more prolific than we realize. Dr. Melissa Kalt shares her expertise and guidance on topics like:

  • Healing from Emotional Abuse: Dr. Melissa Kalt discusses the difference between emotional trauma and physical trauma. Emotional trauma is based on our inability to cope with an event and the story we tell ourselves about it. It can be caused by seemingly minor incidents.
  • The Subconscious Mind and Trauma: Our subconscious mind stores past experiences and the emotions we associate with them. These can have a big impact on our present behavior and well-being. Dr. Melissa explains how trauma can be stored in the body and energetic field.
  • Healthy Emotional Expression: Dr. Melissa debunks the myth that emotions are dangerous. Suppressing our emotions can actually be harmful. She emphasizes the importance of allowing ourselves to feel our emotions and process them in a healthy way.
  • How to Avoid Retraumatization: When someone is experiencing emotional pain, being present and validating their feelings is crucial. Offering unsolicited advice or trying to “fix” their situation can actually retraumatize them.
  • Healing from Trauma: Dr. Melissa outlines a method for healing from trauma that focuses on feeling the physical sensations in the body and acknowledging the emotions they represent. She emphasizes the importance of self-compassion and choosing next steps to move forward.

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