Why We Need to Stop Using Dark Energy to Motivate Us

Dark energy can be a powerful yet dangerous motivator. Learn why.




How often have you used emotions such as these to motivate you? I know I have.

These types of emotions are the spark behind why I’ve ended relationships, changed jobs, and even why I vowed to stop drinking.

All emotions are normal and part of life, but feelings such as these are what I refer to as dark energy.

Sounds spooky and morbid—right?

As it should. Dark energy may motivate us in the short term, but relying on it to sustain us in the long term won’t lead to a pleasant experience.

Dark energy can encompass many emotions and feelings, but there are three main indicators that what you’re using to fuel you is dark energy:

Finite: There’s only so much of it; it will either run out or you will burn out.

Volatile: This energy can and will explode; it can be dangerous both for you and those around you.

Corrosive: Dark energy eats you up; it consumes you.

Here’s the thing. This energy certainly serves a purpose in our lives. It can be what opens our eyes to an issue. But we can’t rely on it to be what fuels us long term.

Can you see any benefit to relying on something that is corrosive, finite, and volatile to control your life and determine when you choose to make changes?

That would mean constantly waiting until your life feels miserable and out of control to do anything about it. And to always be in a negative state of mind when trying to improve things.

That can be a miserable existence.

Yet, it’s what most of us do. And realizing we’re miserable and caught up in dark energy can take time.

Changing how we motivate ourselves takes time, work, and awareness, but it creates fulfilling experiences that we’re motivated and joyful to have and share.

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