3 Steps You Can Take To Feel In Control Right Now- Even If You’re Not

Most of us want to feel in control – of our thoughts, our emotions, and our actions. Yet life can get messy. I joined Elephant Journal to discuss the steps you can take to feel in control, even when you’re not.

When I Would Feel Out of Control

Whenever things felt out of control, I would often reach for things that numbed me to the chaos around me. A glass (or bottle) of wine could quickly make me forget that, not only was nothing going according to plan, I no longer even had a plan. Numbing out and escaping was easier to deal with at the moment. I didn’t want the pressure and demands of leaning into the discomfort. I just wanted to run and hope that when the wine wore off, things would have worked themselves out.

They never did. I still wasn’t in control and my anxiety and unease were now even higher. That is almost always the case when we run from the things that cause us discomfort rather than face them. Escapism is not a way of taking control. It doesn’t solve anything and usually just compounds the issues.

Not everything that happens in our lives is within our control. That does not mean we are powerless. As long as we have the power of our minds, we have control. Or the ability to feel in control.

Here are three steps you can take to feel in control (even when you’re not)

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Get in Control

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