EP 400: Reader Question – Are there normal drinkers?

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Is there such a thing as a normal drinker? Are there rules about the quantity of alcohol you can consume and be considered “normal?” Where does the concept of normal drinkers even come from? What does the science say about it? And, what are the consequences when we use the label “normal drinkers?” Annie Grace shares her thoughts.

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Highlights of Are There Normal Drinkers?

Normal drinkers. We convince ourselves that is what makes us different. We just aren’t normal drinkers. Yet is that really a thing? Here are the highlights of Annie’s thoughts –

  • The idea of normal drinkers actually comes and stems from Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Alcohol was ranked the most harmful drug on the planet
  • You’re addicted to alcohol because alcohol is an addictive substance
  • Why do we treat alcohol so differently?
  • We’re asking the wrong question.
  • You’ve been doing the best you can with the tools you have.
  • How to get new tools

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This podcast is not only full of science regarding alcohol and our bodies but also full of the compassion and grace you need to let yourself off the hook. It is a must-listen!

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