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Reader Question – How can I deal with the trigger of warmer weather?

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How do you deal with all the drinking that goes on when the weather gets nice and everyone’s enjoying the outdoors and drinking beer? What happens in your brain when you know you want to remain sober but the FOMO shows up and you feel triggered to drink? Can you make the trigger go away? Annie Grace explains.

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Dealing With Seasonal Triggers

Seasonal triggers – they can really throw us for a loop. Everything is humming along smoothly and suddenly warmer weather hits and so does a craving? Why is that? When it comes to triggers every single new event for an entire year that happens is going to trigger dopamine but also give you some anxiety. You just haven’t experienced it alcohol free before. Once you get through an entire year beautiful things start to happen. Now you can say – “I’ve done this before.” Your anxiety goes down, the dopamine has mellowed out, and you are in a much better place.

Be Mindful

The best advice I have for dealing with seasonal triggers is to be mindful. Go ahead and go to the beer garden. Just order your lemonade or ice tea instead. Sip that and observe what is going on around you along with all of your emotions and feelings. Once you have that experience under your belt the next season of warm weather triggers will be non-existent.

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