What about us foodies? What if we no longer drink, but we have yet to convince our minds that wine doesn’t really enhance a nice meal. Annie goes back to ancient times to show us where this belief may have started. Find out how cognitive dissonance can keep us from truly believing that wine isn’t necessary to appreciate a good meal.

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Food And Wine

It seems like food and wine are intimately paired together. Everywhere we turn they are linked. Magazines, social media and our dinner menu purport their union.

If you’re to believe what “everyone” says food and wine go together like peas and carrots. They should be a match made in heaven, right? Are you taking away from your foodie experience by not pairing wine and food together?

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Is Anything Missing?

Are you missing out on anything by taking away the food and wine experience? Are you harming yourself due to the increased alcohol content in wine now? Annie explores the history behind the pairing and whether you can replicate that relationship in a different way.

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Join us in the podcast for this unique history lesson and learn how to truly make the most of your foodie experiences!

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