This Naked Mind Awareness Journaling Challenge – April 2022

Do you need to raise your self-awareness and possibly change your thoughts and beliefs as well? Join This Naked Mind for our awareness journaling challenge. We’ll take you through exercises that will bring thoughts and beliefs to light that might be limiting you or bringing you down. Let’s get started and see how life can transform with awareness.

journaling for awareness

Awareness Journaling Challenge – April 2022

Awareness. We hear about the need for awareness all of the time! What seems to be lacking though are ways to bring about self-awareness that feel natural and enjoyable. Join This Naked Mind for our awareness journaling challenge and transform both how you think and how you feel about those thoughts. Make sure to grab the free PDF download which includes all the prompts and journaling techniques that we discuss here along with a fun bonus!

It’s Time To Find Freedom Through Journaling

Stream-of-Consciousness Journaling

Here at This Naked Mind, we talk often about the conscious and unconscious mind. It is only fitting that we introduce a journaling team that taps into our consciousness as well. This approach fits perfectly with developing self-awareness and awareness of our thoughts and emotions. There are no rules or prompts when it comes to stream-of-consciousness journaling. Instead, you will literally just write whatever thoughts come through your mind.

In the journal download, you’ll learn exactly how to practice this journaling technique and how to apply it to the technique we discuss below. Make sure to download the free PDF below to get started!

The ACT Technique

The ACT Technique is a process I’ve developed through many of my teachers (Dave Gray, Byron Katie, and many others) to harness and change your thoughts, your emotions and desire, and ultimately your behavior and habits. To make true and lasting change we have to change our feelings about the behavior we want to achieve. When you change your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviors, and your habits. You can change your entire life. The ACT Technique is the key. Download the awareness journal to get started!

Art Journaling

Sometimes it can be difficult to express in words the thoughts and emotions we’re feeling. We’re not aware of what is running through our minds because we can’t put words to it. In these cases, I often find myself wanting to draw, paint, or sketch. You don’t need to be an artist to do this. It can even be as simple as putting down the colors you’re drawn to and taking note of what those colors resemble to you? Check out the journal download for inspiration!

Bite the Bullet

Does the idea of not having somewhere to start on your awareness journaling fill you with fear? Don’t worry! Not everyone feels comfortable journaling without a specific prompt or question to answer. These can be so helpful to bring awareness and reflection to us. Try the bullet journaling prompts we include to get started building your awareness.

Ditch The Paper Altogether

If the idea of doing any sort of journaling that involves paper just turns you off completely, don’t do it. Pick a different medium. Make a video. Create a voice recording. Paint. Talk it out. Meditate on it. There aren’t rules on how you find and continue to develop your awareness. The only thing you SHOULD do is find what works best for you. That can be vastly different from what I or someone else has done. That’s ok!

Grab Your Free Awareness Journaling Challenge Download

If you’d like to join me for this free awareness journaling challenge and want to be in the loop for our future journaling themes – make sure to download the free PDF we’ve created to help guide you through the steps we’ve outlined here. There’s also a fun bonus activity that can help get your creative juices flowing! If there’s a journaling theme or practice you’d like to see featured in the future – let us know!