Why my Wellness Journey was All a Lie.

There I was in my kitchen, munching on granola, surrounded by organic everything.

I was the epitome of living a “healthy life.” I ate right, exercised, had a support network, read the books, and meditated.

I was crushing it.

And I was miserable. Riddled with anxiety and depression. Not sleeping well. Mentally and physically exhausted and just generally feeling unwell.

If I was doing everything “right,” why did I feel so wrong?

It is because it was all a lie.

You can do all the “right” things but, if you do not eliminate the thing that is causing all the issues you’re trying to treat, you’re never going to feel good.

I had no idea that the thing that was holding me back wasn’t healthy though. That all the health claims I’d been sold were a lie.

My Wellness Journey Was A Lie

We’re being lied to, and it’s by the people we trust the most.

Why aren’t we being told the truth? Why is it that when we go to the doctor and complain about anxiety or depression, no one asks, how much are you drinking?

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) reports that those with anxiety disorders may find that alcohol can make their anxiety symptoms worse and are two to three times more likely to have an alcohol addiction at some point in their lives than the general population.

Yet, even when being prescribed medication to treat anxiety and depression—medication that has adverse reactions to alcohol—my doctor still suggested a glass of wine to unwind.

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