There’s No Rules To Stopping Drinking

Despite our desire to believe the contrary, most of us are rule followers. If we grab a board game, we reach for the rule book. Want to cook something new? Consult a recipe. Assemble a cabinet? Peruse the instructions. Ready to stop drinking? Sorry – there’s no rules to stopping drinking!
rules to stopping drinking

The Rules To Stopping Drinking

We all like to think we know what the rules to stopping drinking are. You drink too much, you hit rock bottom and you suddenly find yourself in a church basement drinking coffee out of a foam cup. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The rules to stopping drinking don’t exist as I explain in this article with the Daily Mail. The only real rule is that there’s no one way to stop drinking.

There are no rules to stopping drinking

If you don’t do a 12-step program, how do you know what to do to stop drinking? The answer to that is as varied as each of us is. Some people choose a different type of fellowship like Smart Recovery meetings. Others might choose medication, therapy, literature, podcasts, or nothing at all. They just stop drinking. It might seem crazy but not everyone who drinks is physically addicted to alcohol. In fact, only about 10% of drinkers are… so it’s not so much as breaking a physical addiction as it is changing your beliefs around alcohol.

Make Your Own Rules

The only real rules to stopping drinking is to make your own rules. I call those my non-negotiables and when I decided to stop drinking, these were my reasons to not drink. Along with my reasons not to drink, I created my responses for situations where I might be tempted to drink. That might be leaving a party early if the other guests are getting sloppy. Or scheduling a morning run so I have a reason to wake early and feeling great.

Learn More

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Rules Were Made To Be Broken

So now you get to be the rebel you always wanted to be. By not drinking you’re already breaking the rules that society has set forth for us. (Trust me – alcohol is the only drug we have to justify not taking!) And by doing it your way instead of blindly following the same society’s arbitrary rules, you can ensure you’re successful at it!