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Christine didn’t think she’d ever be freed from addiction. This Naked Mind helped her gain control and her freedom.

freed from addiction

Freed From Addiction

The knowledge in your book helped me to finally be freed from addiction to alcohol! Almost at once, I found myself filled with hope that I could quit drinking and take back control of my life! The more I learned, the more I was able to let go of all the reasons I had for drinking. So painlessly and so easily! It’s been over one month and I have absolutely NO desire to drink! I have been through all situations where I used to want to drink.  Before, I couldn’t imagine going through certain things without drinking (weekends; parties; family gatherings) and I never missed it once!

At times when I remember drinking, I just feel so wonderful to be free from it that I am never tempted. When I’m in a restaurant and see other people laughing, talking and drinking, I just remind myself that it’s a very tricky, addictive drug. It negatively affects everyone who drinks whether they realize it yet or not.

I was able to let go of all the beliefs I had that alcohol helped me. I’ve come to the realization that no one is an alcoholic. No one has an addictive personality or an alcoholic gene. We are just people caught in the grip of a very deadly drug–alcohol!

Couldn’t Get Freed From Addiction

For months I had been secretly wondering if I had a drinking problem. My grandfather, uncle, and brother had their lives destroyed by alcohol. The rest of us all believed it was because of the “defective gene” that causes alcoholism. I felt sorry for them – that they had lost control of their drinking and let it ruin their lives. I had no idea then that alcohol is not something you can control.

It is addictive and, given time and the right circumstances, it will take over your life. I thought (like most of society) that if you didn’t have that “alcoholic gene” (or as epigenetics states–have it “turned on”) then you were safe and could drink “moderately” or “responsibly”. This, of course, was such a relief to me since I loved my wine. I loved what I believed it did for me – like enjoying parties and helping relax me after long work days. Yet it was always in the back of my mind that I “need to be careful” because alcoholism runs in the family”!

Getting Trapped

Like all addictive drugs, there came a point where I was drinking more than I wanted to and getting less of the positive effect that I wanted. Instead of stopping after the “buzz” from a glass or two of wine and just enjoying the soft edges it put around everything, I craved more. I told myself I liked how it made me slow down and relax. I had stopped working at a gym and was enjoying being a housewife, setting up our new house, and working on the property etc.

When I worked, I only drank in the evening. Having all this time on my hands, I began to start drinking earlier and earlier. I even remember reading that one of the signs of alcohol abuse is drinking often before noon. I would tell myself, “well, you can wait until noon so you must not have a problem.” Yet, I wondered (in brief moments on and off) if I was fooling myself.

A Bottle By Dinner

Once all my work was done, I’d feel bored and full of energy that I didn’t know what to do with. Having some wine helped me to slow me down and bear the boredom. Soon enough I was having my first one at 11 am. Then it turned into one more and one more after that until I had finished a whole bottle by the time my husband got home from work. At that point I was tired and cranky and just wanted to get through dinner so I could collapse in bed. I lost interest in watching TV together or talking to him about things. Sadly, I was always worried about how much I was drinking and hoping it wasn’t affecting my liver or health.

My tolerance was such that I never really felt drunk and seemed to be able to function well while drinking. I would have some wine and mow the lawn or do other chores while sipping on wine. For the longest time, I hated hard liquor and never “acquired the taste” for beer. While on a tour of Scotland for 2 months, I learned to really like the taste of Scotch Whiskey and loved touring the distilleries and tasting the many different kinds of Scotch in all the pubs. I fell prey to all the hype and cultural lies most people believe. “It helps you have fun and enjoy yourself; everyone does it, so don’t worry – you’re in control of it; it tastes so good;  looks great in those beautiful bottles; it smells wonderful; it enhances your dinner or special occasion; alcohol is calming and relaxing; it’s the social thing to do!

Losing Control

Never did I believe I would reach the point I did where I knew I was not in control of alcohol anymore–it controlled me! Keeping my concerns to myself for fear of being judged.  Fearing my husband (who enjoyed his nightly beer) looking at me like I had a problem and having to worry about me! Afraid of the label of “alcoholic” and dreading the thought that I would have to go to AA meetings for the rest of my life and live without alcohol, yet desiring it all the time! Not wanting to become a “dry drunk” or someone who gives up alcohol but then becomes miserable and obsessed with not drinking!

I felt so worried when all my attempts to stop drinking or cut down would fail. I couldn’t get freed from addiction.


At first, I would promise myself that I would have just one or two in the afternoon, but then that bottle would call for my attention and I would go to the fridge and pour “just a little more.” I so enjoyed the effect of the alcohol that I figured “if a little is good–more will be better”! The alcohol was driving me now. When I’d go to bed, I’d lay there so afraid that I couldn’t stop and worried about how much more I would end up drinking if I carried on like this.

Cold Turkey

So, I decided (more than once) that I just couldn’t drink at all and I’d be able to go a few days without drinking. Then something would happen or a situation where I always enjoyed drinking would come up and I’d buy a bottle of my favorite white wine, telling myself “you’ve been able to stop for a few days and you didn’t have withdrawals, so you’re not addicted”.

Going through that bottle in one day and starting to plan on when I’d buy the next one. I worried about the money I spent also, so I would even buy the cheaper bottles. No denying, I was totally mentally dependent on alcohol.

Coming Clean

Finally, I decided to let my husband know my struggle, downplaying it by just asking for his support to stop drinking because I no longer enjoyed how it made me feel. Not letting him know how worried I was or how much I was drinking, because I feared he would see me as weak and now an alcoholic. I wanted to be in control of quitting and not labeled weak or sick. He loves me very much and has always been supportive of me in everything (my fears were all in my own head). So I told him I wanted to quit (not letting him know the times I had already tried and failed) and asked if I could just “check in with him” daily to let him know how I was doing and get his support if tempted to buy wine again.

Doing this did help because I felt so relieved knowing that he knew I wanted to quit. Being accountable to him meant I could no longer buy wine and drink privately. But inside, my fear of being an alcoholic was still there and I had no idea if I could keep it up or even enjoy my life without it. I felt sad to stop, feeling like I was losing a friend and giving up the enjoyment and happiness I got from drinking. Little did I know then what lies these all are and how uncovering them would free me from wanting to drink!

Getting Naked

A few days after I stopped drinking, he told me he bought the Kindle version of a book I might enjoy reading called “This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol”.

At first I thought “ugh, it’s probably a book about giving up alcohol and how bad it is for me and how I will just have to live without it if I don’t want to end up with physical problems and drinking out of control, yuck!” It felt like I was going to have to learn all this stuff I would hate and then have to practice things that would take work and I’d be consumed with NOT DRINKING and having to make a lot of lifestyle changes by force and out of fear!

Boy was I ever wrong!! Your book helped me change my life and find myself again! There was nothing I had to work at or try hard to do. Reading the book and gaining the knowledge you share helped to change my unconscious mind where all desire lies.

Worth A Shot

I remember thinking to myself, “well, he bought it to be helpful and I don’t want to not read it, so I’ll read a bit of it and then return it and tell him I just want to do it on my own.”. I’d start to read it, then put it down for awhile. I felt guilty about not reading enough of it and felt like I should give it a chance (before returning it)! This went on until at one point something began to click with me. I started to like what I was reading and it all made perfect sense! Maybe I could be freed from addiction!

I felt joy reading the Liminal Points and got very excited to realize I wasn’t sick or weak. No, I didn’t have an alcoholic gene or an addictive personality. I was just addicted to alcohol because it’s an extremely addictive drug! Most importantly, I can decide to stop once I learn the truth about alcohol and all the lies about it are exposed!

I was so happy reading this book! At times it was repetitive, but that’s part of the process of the information sinking in. The mental dependence on alcohol is so strong and so conditioned by our culture and friends and family, that becoming aware of how deeply it had hold of me was kind of like being Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz–happy to be following a golden path that you think has led you to freedom and completely oblivious of the little man behind the curtain who is pulling all the strings.

Start Reading

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In Control

To know that I am in control of alcohol and not the other way around is amazing! Now I know the truth about alcohol–it does nothing for me that I can’t do for myself! I can relax and be social without it! I can go out to dinner and not have to have wine with it to enjoy it! It’s a poison and why would I ever want to poison myself? It just makes me tired and cranky and hungry!!

I loved the part in the book where you tell about your friend who asked if you could help her drink moderately. You said something like “why would I want to help you drink motor oil moderately?” That’s what I think if ever the thought of having a drink crosses my mind! I have lost over 8 pounds. Now I enjoy eating meals and really tasting them, not just snacking on junk because the alcohol made me crave it.


I have found such joy in just living each day, handling whatever comes (good or bad) knowing I don’t need alcohol to get me through. The confidence I feel has inspired me to start cooking and baking healthy, delicious food. My days are now filled with just doing things I want to do. I have the energy and desire to do things that I had lost while drinking.

Alcohol took over my life. Becoming all I thought about and waiting for when I could start to drink.

Now I think about all the things I want to do in a day and just enjoy each moment–without alcohol. I have wonderful grandchildren and a new little 2-month-old grandson. I feel great joy in being able to watch him while his mom works part-time. When I drinking I’d enjoy being with them but needing wine beforehand. And if I couldn’t, I’d be preoccupied with wondering when I could leave and have some wine. Arthur’s birth was a catalyst for me to be freed from addiction because I knew I’d be watching him during the day and I wanted to be focused on him and the pleasure I feel with him, NOT when I could drink again!

Living Free

My husband and I celebrated his birthday recently by going to dinner with my son and daughter-in-law, and I enjoyed the meal and their company without wanting any alcohol! I have so much more clarity and sense of contentment and peace. Even when things go really wrong, I am calm and handle it without thinking I need to drink to cope! I will be turning 62 next week, but I feel like I’m decades younger.

For many years I had an eating disorder, which I tried to control by exercising often and eating only certain foods. Always focused on it and never able to relax around food or “let my guard down”. I hated social events where I knew there would be lots of food. After having to restrict myself for so long, I would end up giving in and eating everything I normally wouldn’t allow myself to.

On the outside I looked very fit and always had an outgoing personality so people never knew my inner struggle with food. Often, I received compliments about my fitness, yet I never felt free inside or happy with myself. Finally, when I quit working at the gym, I allowed myself to just stop controlling everything and in one year I gained over 30 pounds.

Gaining and Losing

Now I was happy doing nothing. For the first time in years I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted and just accept and love myself just as I was. Then my drinking increased, and although I wanted to start taking better care of myself again (just not fanatically as before), alcohol took away my motivation to do anything. All I thought about was when I could drink again and then feel bad about drinking! The mental dissent was driving me crazy!

Now I don’t have to use willpower to not drink because I no longer want to drink! Before when trying to quit, I felt I was giving up something that really helped me mentally but I knew wasn’t good for me anymore. So it was a struggle and constant battle within myself. Now I know the truth about how alcohol does nothing for me. I just no longer want it. I’m thrilled to have found out that I really don’t need it. Today, I am loving life and all the new things I am capable of doing!

Free To Choose

I remember reading that you can continue to drink while reading the book! I told my husband I liked that because it made me think you were confident that I’d not want to drink by the time I finished the book (although I had no idea how!). At one point while reading the book, I stopped drinking because I wanted to. Shocking to me was that I could. Then something happened and I felt like I wanted to have some wine. So I did (remembering that you had said it was ok). I told my husband I was going to buy some wine because I wanted to. I didn’t want to feel that I couldn’t drink if I wanted to. Amazingly I didn’t enjoy it!

I knew too much now to go back. Quickly, I realized how the effect of alcohol did nothing to help me or enhance my enjoyment. I just felt physically worse. Just a sore head and tired and hungry afterward. That was the last drink I’ve had and will have. Just as I don’t drink motor oil or gasoline or sniff glue because it’s horrible and would kill me, I know alcohol is the same. It’s a sneaky killer because so many in our world still don’t believe it would ever kill them.

Thank You

Thank you Annie for all the hard work you did researching the truth about alcohol and sharing it with us! Because of you, I am now free in so many ways! I’m freed from addiction! I’m exercising again, but in ways that I enjoy. Not because I have to – but because I feel good when I do. I have led a very interesting and eventful life at the core of which was always my desire to find the truth and be free and happy.

I was involved with 2 Christian cults; married three times–two were to abusive men; worked as a corrections officer in a men’s prison for 5 years. Next came working with the destitute in South Africa for 6 years where my only son was born. I had to flee the country with him. I put myself through college while being a single mother; got off welfare and became a social worker; overcame bulimia and anorexia; and now freed from addiction too!

For many years I have had the desire to help others and be a motivational speaker. In recent years, alcohol had taken away any desire to fulfill my purpose in life. Now, thanks to you – I have it back in full force!

I believe in the law of attraction and just as I know that the Universe sent your book to me, I believe I will help others also and look forward to how this will unfold.

Thank you Annie Grace. I will always be grateful for you!

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