Nanja van Vliet


Nanja lives in the southern part of The Netherlands and is passionate about the alcohol free life style that she found and embraced as from February 2020

She works as an alcohol-free coach and focusses mainly on women who are like she was before she found her freedom. Her motto is: ‘I would love to have met myself as I am now some 5 years ago…’ Alcohol has played an important role in her life as from the moment that she discovered that it helped her deal with her uncomfortable and uneasy feelings. It became problematic from the moment she started using alcohol to numb the harsh voice in her head who told her that she just was not good enough.

After trying to stop on her own for over 10 years she finally she stopped drinking in 2020 with the help of a 12 step rehab facility in The Netherlands. However true and lasting freedom came when she discovered the work of This Naked Mind which made her reach true freedom from alcohol.

She is passionate and determined to bring the philosophy and methodology to The Netherlands. Her goal is to make a contribution to the de-stigmatization of (alcohol) addiction and wants to help other women rediscover a life they do not need to escape from.

Nanja is married to Bas and they live together with their two cats: Okkie & Pippie.