Beers With The Boys – Alcohol and Men’s Health

There’s nothing wrong with having a few beers with the boys – right? It’s just a time to bond, relax and kick back. While that might be true for some, in honor of Men’s Health month – there are a few things to consider before you start throwing back beers with the boys this weekend.


Beers With The Boys

Men drink more and more often than women. Excessive drinking is associated with significant increases in short-term risks in health and safety. That risk increases as the amount of drinking increases. In fact, 58% of adult men report drinking alcohol in the last 30 days and approximately 23% of adult men report binge drinking 5 times a month, averaging 8 drinks per binge. Men also have a harder time turning down drinks – especially in a group setting like having beers with the boys.

Risky Business

Throwing back a few beers with the boys leads to impaired judgment, which can have lethal consequences. Men are almost twice as likely as women to have been intoxicated among drivers in fatal motor-vehicle traffic crashes. It’s almost impossible to determine if you’re truly okay to drive once you’ve started drinking, as alcohol slows down your gross motor skills along with your decision making centers. Not a good combo when it comes to operating a vehicle!

Mood Manipulator

Alcohol can also increase aggression. The Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that two-thirds of victims of spousal violence report that the aggressor had been drinking. In a global study of intimate partner violence, the odds were higher worldwide in relationships where one or both partners had problems with alcohol, compared to relationships where neither of them did.

Alcohol and Men’s Health

There is virtually no system in the body that alcohol doesn’t touch. Start reading the first 40 pages of This Naked Mind for free right now and learn more about how beers with the boys impact your health!

In The Bedroom

Think throwing back a few beers is an excellent reflection of your virility? Think again! Excessive alcohol use can interfere with testicular function and male hormone production resulting in impotence, infertility, and reduction of male secondary sex characteristics such as facial and chest hair. That beer suddenly doesn’t look as enticing does it?

The Big C

Finally, the biggest and scariest reason that beers with the boys are a danger to your health – Alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, and colon in men. In fact, the World Health Organization has reported that there is NO safe level of alcohol consumption due to the risks involved from drinking it.