Annie Grace’s Alcohol Experiment: How to give up alcohol in 30 days

You can give up alcohol in 30 days!

As Kiwis recover from a Christmas and summer break likely full of alcohol and barbecues at the beach, one woman believes she’s found the secret to giving up – or at least cutting back – on drinking.

Former marketing executive Annie Grace tried to develop a tolerance to alcohol so she could keep up with her colleagues.

She got to the stage where she was drinking two bottles of wine every night. And when she started to “not even feel it”, she knew it was time to stop.

Her new book, The Alcohol Experiment shows readers how to give up alcohol in 30 days, providing tips and tricks for each day.

She believes “magic happens” in 30 days. It’s a period of time where the brain can build new habits (or eliminate old ones). At the end, participants have changed their relationship with alcohol and given up, or at least cut back.

Finding Magic

Magic happens in 30 days. It’s a period of time when the brain can actually change — by making new neural connections — to build great new habits or to eliminate habits that have held you back.

But to experience that magic, you may have to deal with a few side effects. After all, alcohol is a toxin and your body needs to cleanse itself. You might experience some cravings and irritability at first. This is completely normal and will pass as the alcohol leaves your system.

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