For me it usually hit at 3am. I’d wake up, sit up straight in bed and ask myself – “Am I drinking too much?” Everything around me said NO. It was normal. We all drink to unwind. To relax. We drink at work functions. To put clients at ease. There are memes and house decorations dedicated to wine. My drinking must be normal, except – I can’t stop asking myself – “Am I drinking too much?”

Am I drinking too much

Don’t Want To Stop, Can’t Slow Down

You might be able to relate to my predicament. I didn’t want to stop drinking. I enjoyed it. It made me happy and it was a HUGE part of my career. The problem though, was that I couldn’t slow down my drinking either. I would set limits. No more than two glasses. Stop drinking by 9pm. Every limit could be met with an excuse as to why I could have another, though. Slowing down wasn’t working.

Taking A Break

So, slowing down wasn’t working. Maybe I just needed to do a hard reset instead. If it works for electronics – it could work for me. So, to satisfy my concern about that burning question of “Am I drinking too much”, I would just take a break – 30 days off of drinking and then I could pick back up at normal levels. My body and my mind just needed a chance to regroup and recuperate. Like a long nap after a busy day. I’d partake in a little Alcohol Experiment.

Read It, Try It!

Have you found yourself asking the same question – “Am I drinking too much?” You can try my experiment too. Lucky for you, though – I created a guidebook that supports you through each day. My experiences and the science behind them, so you aren’t flying blind. Preorder the book today!


That experiment happened over four years ago now. Those 30 days have turned into years. That was unexpected. Not once since then have I had to “ask am I drinking too much?” I didn’t plan to never drink again, but in those 30 days I felt good. No – I felt great! Also, I discovered that all those reasons I drank, all the things I thought alcohol was improving – they were lies. So I stopped.

Not Alone

I realized I wasn’t alone when it came to wondering “am I drinking too much”. I also wasn’t alone in thinking forever sounds scary. That’s where The Alcohol Experiment comes from. It’s saying that it’s ok to just commit to 30 days right now. And you don’t have to do it alone. Here’s what I did. These are the questions I had. This is what I learned. So it doesn’t have to be forever, but you deserve to have an answer to that 3am question!