You Won’t Find Romance in a Bottle of Wine (& Other Lies we’ve been Sold). ~ Annie Grace

Annie Grace joins Elephant Journal to discuss why you won’t find romance in a bottle of wine.

When you picture a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, I bet you’re envisioning soft music, candlelight, flowers, and more likely than not, a bottle of wine with two glasses clinking as you gaze into your lover’s eyes.

This scenario seems like the perfect lead up to a night of intimacy and passion.

There was a time where I too believed the lies that alcohol and the clever marketers behind it were selling to me. My husband and I partook in countless nights where wine was the foreplay to what we thought was a romantic night.

We honestly thought that everything we were doing was setting the mood for a sensuous experience. From pairing the right wine for each course of the meal to sharing that dessert—we were doing exactly what every magazine article, blog post, and advertisement told us we needed to do to keep the spark alive.

Romance In A Bottle

Looking back, I can’t help but laugh. Romance isn’t hidden in a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, or even in a reservation book at a Michelin star restaurant. So many relationships have been built upon the wine and dine mantra we’ve been fed as romance, but it has yet to keep the intimacy and passion alive in a relationship.

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