What If You Don’t Need AA?

Mention to anyone that you might have had a drinking problem at some point, and 9 times out of 10 they’ll say – so did you go to AA? Alcoholics Anonymous is the known standard for 12-step treatment and few realize that alternatives exist. For those who find their freedom in AA, I am truly happy for them. As for those who don’t – you might not need AA and alternatives do exist!
don't need AA


I Don’t Need AA

As I mentioned in an article with the New York Post, I didn’t want to go the 12-step route. It just didn’t feel right for me. Instead, I dove into researching everything I could about alcohol’s ill effects, keeping a journal  and documenting my reasons for drinking. The goal was to unravel my assumptions around alcohol and reveal the truth instead.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that everything I thought alcohol was doing for me was wrong.

You Don’t Need AA

Most people, when concerned about their relationship with alcohol, have a fear of being forced to label themselves an alcoholic. That’s not necessary. The CDC itself reports that only 10% of drinkers fall into the physically addicted category – which requires medical intervention when attempting to stop. Most of us, though, fall into that other 90% – unhappy with how much we drink but unsure how to stop.

Spontaneous Sobriety

The move from drinking too much to not at all without any formal treatment program is called spontaneous sobriety. It also happens to have one of the highest success rates when it comes to those who stop drinking. So while AA might be the best known method to stop drinking, you don’t need AA to be successful. What we all need is to find the approach that works best for each of us individually.


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Options Exist

One of the greatest things about being sober curious today is that so many great options now exist. Quit Lit abounds. There’s a litany of apps available if you’re tech minded. Medication is available for those that choose that route. And for those that need a sense of community and fellowship when stopping, you don’t need AA for that either. There are multiple community options available beyond AA.