You Are Important – 15 Self-Care Ideas

If there is a single epidemic that seems to have gripped society, it is busyness. We wear our over-scheduled lives like a badge of honor. It’s no wonder that we also struggle with addictions to alcohol, opioids, electronics and so much more. We no longer know how to connect in person or how to unwind without turning to substances. You are important. Put down the calendar and tune in to yourself. Here are 15 self-care ideas to help you get started in caring for the most important thing on your schedule – you.

Signs You Need To Practice Self-Care

You might think that you’re doing just fine in your heavily scheduled life and that you don’t need self-care ideas. But here are some signs that you might be in need of loving on yourself. Are you experiencing –

Disrupted sleep
Unexplained fatigue
Feeling disconnected from family and friends
Muscle pain and tension
Inability to enjoy activities
Excessive rumination
Recurring illnesses

These are but a few signs that it’s time to make yourself as important as all the things you do!

Self-Care Ideas For The Body

1) Exercise – Exercising releases endorphins designed to make your body feel good. It’s a proven way to boost your mood and make you feel better both physically and mentally!
2) Take a nap – our bodies heal when we are sleeping. Give your body healing time!
3) Eat – whether it’s comfort food, a salad, or even some milk and cookies – nourish your body and make time to eat.
4) Get a massage – even if you don’t have the funds for a professional massage – ask a spouse or even your kids to give you a massage. Six-year-olds give surprisingly great scalp massages!
5) Breathe – Practicing breathing techniques that promote relaxation is one of the simplest and most effective self-care ideas you can use.

Self-Care Ideas For The Mind

6) Meditate – take time to meditate and allow the mind to work through the issues that are causing you stress.
7) Seek Nature – getting outside and connecting with nature lowers stress and anxiety and can help treat depression.
8) Disconnect – turn off electronics and spend time connecting with yourself, your family, and friends – free of distractions from the outside.
9) Journal – Writing things down can be incredibly powerful and soothing. It allows you to transfer the feelings from internal to external.
10) Read – whether it’s self-help books, a romance novel, or a comic book – taking a break to read is a great self-care idea that also allows you to learn something new in the process.

Book Suggestion

Not sure what to read? You can start reading This Naked Mind for free today to learn more self-care ideas you can use!

Self-Care Ideas For The Soul

11) Create Connections – set up a regular time to get together with a friend or family member to just talk and connect. Knowing there is someone out there who cares can make the hardest day easier.
12) Get Creative – write a poem, paint a picture, sing or do whatever fuels you creatively. Pursuing our passions is an ultimate form of self-care.
13) Love yourself – practice positive self talk and remind yourself that you are important and you deserve to be treated well.
14) Get help – there is no greater self-care idea then asking for help if you need it. In the end, whether it’s physical help you need with things at home or medical help to resolve any mental or physical ailments – you are important enough to be helped.
15) Make changes – if your soul is unhappy, it may be time to make changes. Take inventory of the things in your life and evaluate which ones are fulfilling and which are draining. What can you do to eliminate or change the draining activities?

You Are Important

Ultimately, self-care ideas can only do so much. It all begins with realizing that you are important. You have value. You are worthy of being cared for. Give yourself a hug and remind yourself that all these things are true. That’s an idea you can start each day with!

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