You’re not ready to give it a name, but you’re exploring the idea that it might be time to change your drinking – cut back on drinking, eliminate it completely, or maybe just rethink how you drink.


You’re part of this ever-growing circle of people starting to reshape HOW they drink alcohol and WHY they drink alcohol. It doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you. It just means you want more out of life and alcohol might be keeping you from getting it!

change your drinking

That Lifestyle No Longer Fits

You might decide to change your drinking because that lifestyle no longer fits who you want to be. Maybe you’ve become a parent, been promoted at work, or assumed another role that has you questioning where alcohol fits into that lifestyle. Lifestyle changes are a great reason to change your drinking, as it can really give you purpose.

When rethinking drinking, ask yourself how it will affect your ability to carry out your role? Can you be the best at that role while drinking? What about the day after? Will drinking be beneficial to your role in any way?

Health Concerns

Whether it is a health scare, a diagnosis, or just a desire to be healthier – health is a major reason that people either stop drinking or decide to cut back on drinking. Alcohol can be the cause of so many health issues. From cancer and heart disease to anxiety and depression – alcohol contributes to countless health issues. An alcohol-induced blackout or a particularly brutal hangover can also make you question whether it might be time to change your drinking. Or hopefully, you’re just becoming more aware of what you’re consuming, and drinking ethanol just doesn’t gel with you anymore. Your health and paying attention to how alcohol makes you feel is a great reason to change your drinking.

The Cost of Drinking

It could be the cost that is making you question if you should change your drinking. While the financial cost can certainly add up (and quickly!) there are also the hidden costs of drinking that can leave you bankrupt. Alcohol costs adds up when you factor in lost productivity or emotional health. Maybe it’s the lost sleep, fatigue or failed relationships that are draining you. Alcohol hits you in more than just your pocketbook when you think about it.

Change Your Drinking

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Why Most Don’t Change Their Drinking?


Fear holds us back from changing our drinking. What will others think? Will everyone assume I’m an alcoholic? Will I be an outcast? Can I still have fun? Won’t I be different from everyone?

You’re not alone in having this fear. We all did. Yes, you’ll be different from everyone in all of the best ways. You’ll be present and engaged in conversations. You’ll be able to have fun no matter where you are or what is in your glass. Best of all, you’ll be living life on your terms. Finally, you’ll be in control of your relationship with alcohol and how it fits in your life.