3 Reasons Why You Are Bored Without Alcohol

I’m just so bored without alcohol! That is a question/complaint that comes through our inboxes and comments so often! Why is it that we get bored without alcohol and what can we do about it?

why you are bored without alcohol

Boredom Is Uncomfortable

Not only is boredom a really uncomfortable emotion but we almost feel guilty about. We feel bad about being bored because if you compare it to other uncomfortable emotions, let’s say pain or nausea or disgust, we feel like boredom shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re in pain it is only natural to want to relieve or stop the physical pain. The decision to change these emotions is a good thing, whereas with boredom we almost feel embarrassed that we’re bored as if it’s something we shouldn’t be feeling.

Why Do We Get Bored Easily?

Did you know you can actually measure boredom? BPS, The Boredom Proneness Scale, measures our level of boredom; the average boredom number is 81 to 117. Interestingly, people who are prone to addiction are more easily bored. It takes more dopamine to trigger the dopamine-related emotions that you would be having in people more prone to boredom. Studies have shown people with fewer dopamine receptors are also often more prone to pleasure-seeking and with that comes addiction.

Why Are You Bored Without Alcohol?

I go further into the studies done on boredom and the benefits of boredom in this video – take a moment to watch!

You Need Stimulation

One of the reasons you might find you are bored without alcohol is because you need more stimulation. For the longest time, you numbed your brain rather than engaging it. Now it is suddenly fired up and engaged, yet you’re not doing anything with it. Your brain is literally saying, “Entertain me!!” Here are some ideas on how you can do just that.

Nothing Else Has Changed

The honest truth might be that your life wasn’t really all that exciting before and you drank to tune that out. So now you no longer drink, or you may have cut back on your drinking, and nothing else has changed. Your friends, your activities, your job – they still don’t fire you up. Some people need novelty in order to combat boredom and if they aren’t getting that they will be bored. The great thing is that changing your boredom is easy when it comes to novelty. Sign up for a class – you can meet new people, try new things, and possibly even discover a new career!

You Aren’t Tuned Into Yourself

This one blew me away because it was something I really struggled with forever yet I had no idea it was linked to my need to drink. A lack of self-awareness can lead to boredom. Apparently, when we aren’t in tune with our inner thoughts and emotions we have trouble articulating what it is we want in life. We can’t describe our feelings and our desires which leaves us feeling stuck. Not knowing what it will take to make you happy leads to boredom with yourself and the world around you.

Try Something New

Do you wish you could meet new people, stimulate your brain, and try something new? The PATH by This Naked Mind allows you to do all three and provides you with a community at your fingertips so you’ll never give in to boredom again!