Why I drank…we all have so many reasons. Amy shares her story of how being a special needs mom led her to drink more than she wanted.

why i drank

Why I Drank

I blame my kids.

It’s a socially acceptable reason, right? Tell someone that the kids are driving you to drink any given day and the world laughs as it gives you its blessing to drink any time and anywhere.

Only, in my circles, saying the kids are driving me to drink has a slightly different meaning.

I am a special needs mom to two children. Sleep deprivation, deprecation in unexpected places, seizures, paralysis, rages, blindness, surgeries, ambulance rides, isolation, fear, anxiety, depression, therapists, specialists – these are some of what have become commonplace in my life. It’s my normal.

But it is so not normal.

Bonding With Booze

Parents like me tend to band together as our children are outcast. The bond we shared was living life in crisis mode nearly every minute of the day. Since most of our kids suffered from sleep disorders, our drinking time became whatever worked. Liquid brunches and lunches while the kids were with teachers and specialists gave us time to laugh, cry, and let off steam. The resulting buzz was a happy ripple effect of the gathering, something that gave us the courage to face the day ahead where getting kicked, bitten, and physically and emotionally spent were but an eventuality. That is why I drank.

The line that defined when drinking turned from a help to a hindrance is blurred for me.

Why I Stopped

I am a single mom in this life. A month ago I was desperately searching for ways to improve my stamina as I work nights from home in order to keep therapies going for my kids. Alcohol was such a mainstay in my daily life that I did not consider it to be problematic. Could it be that my method of coping was making things worse? I decided to try The Alcohol Experiment to see what would happen.

Ready For A Break

Are you looking to hit the pause button on why I drank and see what life can look like without it? Join us in The Alcohol Experiment! An effortless way to interrupt your patterns, restore your health and get back in touch with the version of yourself that didn’t need alcohol to relax or enjoy life.

30 Days AF, and I see that my crutch had become my obstacle.

Why I drank is also why I stopped.

Start Reading

Start reading This Naked Mind today to see how you can take back control of alcohol.

Share Your Story

Thank you to everyone who has shared their story. I have been quietly learning and reflecting these past 30 days and am better for your contributions. If my story can help others, I am happy to share. Please share your story and inspire others!

Autism occurs in 1 of every 36 children in the United States. My sons are two of them.