When you Quit Drinking & the Support isn’t There. ~ Annie Grace

I wasn’t met with the support to quit drinking that I had envisioned. Instead, there was a general sense of disbelief, scoffing, or even just alienation.

I didn’t understand it. I was making a choice to change my life for the better. Yet, the people around me were acting as if I was making a deliberate decision to hurt them.

Most skirted around the subject or just avoided it. Finally, a long-time friend of mine gave it to me straight—“Annie, you don’t drink any more than I do. I don’t have a problem with alcohol and if you’re not drinking, I don’t feel comfortable hanging out with you. I don’t want you judging me.”

That right there is why, at a time where we are looking for support and understanding, we instead get cold shoulders and rolled eyes. It’s not that our friends and family don’t want to support our decision to change our relationship with alcohol.

It’s not that they think we shouldn’t take charge of our health and happiness.

By questioning our relationship with alcohol as a potential problem, they are in turn also forced to take a look at their own drinking relationship.

I knew I wasn’t alone in my questions and in my need to change my beliefs. I needed reassurance from others that my choice to change my relationship with alcohol and to reshape the very core of my beliefs around it wasn’t just okay—it was something to be excited about and to celebrate. Yes, I needed support to quit drinking.

So if I couldn’t get support from those closest to me, where was I going to find it? I had already determined that 12-step programs wouldn’t be a good fit for me. Was there really anywhere I could go to find people like me?

I’ll admit, I did something drastic initially. First, I took all of the research and the data that led up to my decision to stop drinking and I wrote a book with it. Next, I took that book and placed it online free to download for anyone like me.

Find Support To Quit Drinking

Read the book I wrote and find support to quit drinking. The first 40 pages are free!

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