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As parents many of us fine ourselves counting down the minutes each night and waiting for wine o’clock. I joined The Grace Tales to discuss what caused me to decide to end my own wine o’clock routine.

Waiting For Wine O’Clock

The nightly routine of drinking wine once the kids have gone to bed becomes so automatic that many of us no longer even realize how often or how much we are drinking. Yet many of us have that nagging worry in the back of our minds that maybe – we’re drinking a bit too much and that maybe the reason mornings and days are so hard to get through is because of our drinking the night before. Maybe our reward is actually what is punishing us.

The Grace Tales

In a recent article in The Grace Tales, I discuss the event that caused me to take another look at my own drinking. I also share the startling discoveries I made that went against all the reason I had for drinking in the first place.

If there’s one thing this enforced slow-down time has taught us so far, it’s how rushed our lives have been. Maybe it’s time to slow down the drinking, too.

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Get Curious About Ending Wine O’Clock

The first step to changing your reliance on wine o’clock is getting really, really, really curious. We spend so much time judging ourselves and our behaviors. We judge ourselves for how much we’re drinking, for doing and saying things we don’t like, and all the judgment creates a negative feeling inside of us. Getting curious opens the door to all sorts of change.

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