What Is Stopping Worth?

Have you ever taken a moment to consider what stopping is worth? We put so much value on going, taking next steps, and what is ahead, that we often overlook the value of stopping.
the value of stopping

Get Grounded

The most important value of stopping is getting grounded. Trees have roots – a foundation! And we need to lay a strong foundation to start from as well. When you know where you are starting from, you are in control. You dictate the path you will take and what the course will be.

Catching Your Breath

Ever stopped while exercising just to catch your breath? You’re not abandoning the workout altogether. Instead, you’re giving yourself a short respite so that you can continue on to your end goal. That is one of the huge values in stopping. If you’re constantly focused on what’s next in your journey to quit drinking, you might find yourself out of breath and so overwhelmed that you abandon ship.

To Look Back

While looking ahead is important, you can’t write off the importance of looking back. How else can you take stock of your accomplishments and everything that has brought you to this point? It may be cliche, but there is truth to the saying if you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going. Stopping to look back allows you to move forward.

The Value of Stopping

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Getting Up To Speed

When we consider stopping, we fear that we will fall behind. First off – there is no competition or race in this thing called life. We accomplish our goals on the timeline that is right for us. Secondly, the single greatest value in stopping is that it allows you to see if you were on the right path to begin with. What if instead of falling behind, you took the time to stop and realize that you were taking the long way to your goal? What if stopping for a moment in your relentless pursuit means finally being able to break through whatever obstacles were in your way?

Personal or professional goals all require evaluation at times. Take a moment to stop and determine if there are areas that could use improvement. Look to see where you can refocus your energy and talents into what is most important to you; eliminate placing your efforts where your time is being wasted and seek clarity, quality and intention in your day to day pursuits.

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