The Ultimate Quit Lit Book List

I get asked all the time – what do I read next? Once you start reading quit lit – you can’t help but keep seeking more. As a voracious reader, I get it. Without further ado, I’m bringing you the ultimate quit lit book list along with a few recommendations from other genres that can help continue your journey of discovery.

ultimate quit lit book list

Add These Books to Your Quit Lit Book List

I’ve tried to create a list that has books that will appeal to everyone. Men and women. Those looking for a science-based approach or personal accounts. If I’ve left any of your favorites off the list – please let me know what they are in the comments!

Books By Annie Grace

Maybe you’ve read one of my books but not the others. Currently, we have three books available that can all help you on your journey.

This Naked Mind

Take on a journey of self-discovery with my science-based look at what leads us to drink and to keep drinking when we no longer enjoy it. As you read, I help you bring your beliefs about drinking out into the light to discover what is really true for you.

By exploring their true beliefs readers are able to make a real and lasting change. Enabling themselves to find freedom from alcohol forever.

Start Reading This Ultimate Quit Lit Book Right Now

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The Alcohol Experiment

In The Alcohol Experiment, I introduce the ACT Technique. ACT stands for Awareness – Clarity – Turnaround and is a way of reflecting on your habits and behaviors. You take 30 days to get through 30 chapters covering a myriad of topics related to drinking. Learn how to deal with discomfort, cravings, willpower, boredom, health, depression, and more.

This Naked Life

This Naked Life Digital and Print book

I say that this is the most important book I never wrote. You’ll find inspiring stories from my readers that take you on their journeys of finding freedom from alcohol. Inspiring, challenging, and at times heartbreaking – you’ll find yourself relating to others whose stories sound so much like your own.

Beyond Annie Grace

Sober Curious

Ruby Warrington takes us on a judgment-free and sometimes comical journey of exploring what a life without alcohol would look like. Ruby introduces the concept of FOMA – Fear of Missing Alcohol. She also offers suggestions on how to not just live but thrive in a sober curious life.

Alcohol Explained/Alcohol Explained 2

William Porter’s books are the perfect complement to This Naked Mind. Porter set out to explain how alcohol affects human beings on a chemical, physiological, and psychological level. Starting with those first drinks right up to severe alcohol use disorder. Following up in Alcohol Explained 2, he takes the scientific concepts covered in Alcohol Explained and provides the tools needed to stay free from alcohol.

The Cure For Alcoholism

What about when just a book is not cutting it? What medical choices do you have when it comes to treating your alcohol use disorder? Dr. Roy Eskapa provides insight into how using The Sinclair Method can help those who struggle to control their addiction through the revolutionary use of naltrexone.

The Abstinence Myth

Dr. Adi Jaffe is taking the rules on treating addiction and throwing them out the window. Gone is the traditional, shame-filled 12-step approach replaced with a system for bringing back joy and happiness into your life. Dr. Jaffe introduces you to his groundbreaking, science, and hope-filled IGNTD RECOVERY METHOD.

We Are The Luckiest

Only Laura McKowen can take something as painful as addiction and find the beauty in it. Her book explores the healing and magic found in discovering a sober life full of feelings, emotions, and experiences no longer overshadowed and dulled by alcohol. A definite must-read!

Quit Like A Woman

quit lit

Holly Whitaker didn’t just write a book about alcohol. Instead, she set out to empower readers to rebel against a culture fueled by alcohol. Holly intersperses her personal experiences with both research and solid guidance on overcoming an alcohol-obsessed society and its norms.

The Sober Survival Guide

quit lit

Simon Chapple is a Certified This Naked Mind Coach and has penned The Sober Survival Guide. As unique as Simon, Sober Survival Guide is a two-part book. First, it takes you through the experiences that led him and people like him to drink. Second, it equips you to begin gaining control of your relationship with alcohol.

Next, part two focuses on the actual, tried, and true survival tactics that provide the tools needed to be alcohol-free and happy. A truly comprehensive guide on how to be alcohol-free.

The Best of The Non Quit Lit Book List

The Little Book of Big Change

quit lit

Dr. Amy Johnson takes everything we know to be true about change and flips it around. Rather than relying upon willpower to change habits, Johnson combines neuroscience with spirituality to provide the framework for changing habits.

To this day, I personally rely upon this book for creating and maintaining changes in my own life.

Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection

quit lit

Dr. John Sarno has been incredibly influential in my life and my work. I credit him with both healing me of excruciating back pain and then going on to be the foundation for what This Naked Mind was built upon.

This book introduced me to the concept of the unconscious mind and how much control it has over our beliefs, feelings, and emotions. I truly feel that anyone who is struggling with addiction really needs to also read this book.

What Did I Miss In Quit Lit?

To wrap it up, there you have my ultimate quit lit book list along with a few bonuses. I know that so many other great books exist and I’d love to learn what your favorites are and why?