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This list of the Top 25 Recovery Bloggers is full of great names that I personally love to read and share with you. Get to know the likes of Sasha Tozzi, Lazarus Letcher, Laura McKowen, and Sober Brown Girls among others. Sharing the stories of our struggles and victories isn’t easy. However, it weaves us all together and creates the support network that is vital to our continued success. Take the time to visit the bloggers on this list. Let them know how important their work is to you as well.

top 25 recovery bloggers



Sasha Tozzi is a recovery and lifestyle coach and an empowering and innovative writer. Her blog is dedicated to teaching others what she’s learned from her own addiction, mental health struggles, and bad decisions. She writes in a clever and relatable voice and offers tidbits and insights into her own soul.

Sasha describes herself as a quote junkie, a lover of the oxford comma, a whole-hearted INFP, and a believer in miracles that are beyond reasonable to most. Her goal in creating her blog was to help people recover themselves. She believes life is way too wonderful to spend it hating yourself.



It’s hip to be sober and Tawny Lara proves this. Tawny asks you to follow her on her journey as she swaps booze for tea in Jersey City and NYC. Tawny began writing her blog to document her life after she chose to give up alcohol for one full year. She writes about staying sober at weddings, during holidays, what naked yoga is like. She also talks about how meditation improves her soul and the parallels between bulimia and addiction. Tawny is redefining the definition of #YOLO through her blog and her work.


Dawn Nickel and Taryn Strong are the incredible mother/daughter duo behind She Recovers. The She Recovers ladies encourage all pathways of recovery and warmly welcome women who are recovering in all areas of their lives.

The site is open to all women in recovery. She Recovers features beneficial tools such as a reading room, recovery coach profiles, retreat information, and yoga insight. On top of all this, there are written pieces about topics such as gratitude and emotional reflections. Any woman who visits the She Recovers site will gain valuable insight into the world of recovery.


Simon’s blog is packed full of resources that can be helpful to anyone in recovery. From how-to’s and videos to podcasts and guest posts from others in the recovery world – if there’s something you need, chances are Simon has it on his blog.

Simon is also an accomplished writer, businessman, and speaker who combines his real-life experiences as not only a professional but also as a husband and father with the science of why we drink to bring you advice that not only makes sense scientifically but also practically.


Magz Shores, the writer behind Sober Courage, falsely believed that alcohol gave her courage and bravery. In her blog, Sober Courage, Magz provides a wide variety of resources and tools. Through her writing learn how to stay sober and how to maintain sobriety through difficult events, times, and relationships. In addition, she hosts an assortment of features including her “Friday Night Pep-Talks”. Born out of Magz’s belief that Friday nights are some of the loneliest and most difficult times in early sobriety she now helps others through them.


The Temper explores life through the lens of sobriety, addiction, and recovery. The Temper exists to show people in all of their power and as agents of their own recovery. Authoring and owning a new, very real narrative that positions sobriety as a viable, radical, and empowering lifestyle. Rejecting dogma and embracing evolution. Standing for vulnerability, complexity, and messiness. Championing those who try, and those who keep trying.

For those in recovery, The Temper draws writing from all walks of life creating pieces that are relevant and relatable. As a result, The Temper holds a well-earned spot in our list of the top 25 recovery bloggers.


The Unruffled is probably one of the most unique recovery blogs I have ever come across. It is a site devoted to unleashing your creative power.

Sondra Primeaux created The Unruffled in the hopes that the reader will:

 “consume some art, ingest some words, and devour some impressions that may serve as a catalyst for your own creative start in your recovery.”

Sondra is a beautiful writer and posts unique content. Her writing includes posts about Michelle Obama, tarot cards, freak flags, and “How To’s” on creating unique art and clothing.


Jean McCarthy began her blog on the first day of her sobriety and has been writing ever since. Her site shares her own personal struggles, but also offers insightful and useful information on navigating through a sober life.

Her blog has touched the hearts of thousands of people. Jean is active in offering new content and refreshing revelations about sobriety.


Created by Kirsten Walker, Sober Brown Girls Club is a space for sober and sober curious women of color to convene, discuss, and exchange ideas in a safe space. Kirsten says –

“There are so many sober rockstars out there! The problem is none of them looked like me! I sat and thought, “now I know good and well there are sober women out there that look like me..BROWN…but where are they”? 

She writes about recovery and her journey and provides resources for others. I particularly connected with this article on parenting while sober.


Holly Whitaker of Hip Sobriety works to change the conversation about sobriety, addiction, and alcohol abuse. When Holly went to a doctor to get treatment for her alcohol addiction, the doctor gave her two options – go to a 12 step meeting or go to treatment. In Holly’s words, she says,

“I wanted a modern, affordable, beautiful, accessible, empowering, self-directed recovery that reflected who I was as an individual – and that didn’t exist. So I created what I wished for -recovery as I would have it.”

She introduces the reader to a variety of holistic tools that helped her in her own recovery. Included are rituals and processes such as meditation, nutrition, yoga, breathwork, dancing, anger-release techniques, EFT, mantras, and relationship-building tools. Her approach to addiction treatment is empowering, holistic, fluid, and unique. She is a fresh and diverse voice that advocates for a different conversation on addiction. Holly believes that sobriety allows us to awaken to our best selves and it is actually our greatest gift.


Nancy Carr is the writer of Last Call, a raw and honest memoir about her alcoholism and cocaine addiction. Her blog is dedicated to bringing awareness about alcoholism, addiction, and recovery. She decided to start blogging when she discovered the amazing online recovery community that included a variety of recovery resources.

Nancy blogs about her life, which includes recovery, alcoholism, the beach, being sober in a non-sober world, her dog, Lucy, and her sober husband. She shares her recovery insights and also writes a majority of helpful lists about recovery and sobriety. Nancy is a well-known voice in the recovery space. She openly shares her struggles and her successes as they relate to her own sobriety.


Laura Silverman of The Sobriety Collective has created a blog revolving around community and connection with other sober folks. In her own words, Laura says her

“vision for the collective is to have a living, breathing community of awesome SOBER people, making contributions in music, film, writing, fashion, technology, beauty, business, comedy, photography/art, philanthropy, education, fitness, wherever/whatever/whoever YOU are.”

The Sobriety Collective features Recovery Profiles, Sober Stock, and a number of entertaining and interesting articles written by Laura on all subjects grounded in her personal recovery and her mental health. Her Link Love section contains some of the best resources in finding other sober writers, non-profits, activists, and other mental health and recovery websites.


Mark Goodson is about as sincere and genuine as they come. His writing offers honest reflections of his own personal experiences in addiction and recovery. He is a talented and skilled writer and his site is constantly updated with new content. He also writes poetry and recently published a beautiful piece about the Orlando Massacre. Mark finds ordinary life to be a miracle, thus his title “The Miracle of the Mundane.”


Lazarus Letcher is dedicated to opening the eyes of others to the issues that affect LGBTQ+ and BIPOC lives. An accomplished musician, an academic pursuing a Ph.D. in American Studies, and a sober trans person who writes about the importance of making sobriety spaces inclusive for all. Particularly poignant is Lazurus’ coming-out story.


Kristi Coulter is an incredibly talented writer. There is no doubt about it. Her blog Off-Dry is a relevant and relatable story of what it’s like for a woman maintaining sobriety in a world that’s full of non-sober people and booze-filled events. Kristy is witty, clever, and unique. Each piece is titled with her day count and expresses her current feelings at that time in her sobriety. She’s written incredible pieces about “killing the yes” and her most recent piece is a progressive, modern-day online alcoholism self-assessment quiz for today’s women.


Olivia Pennelle is the writer behind the incredible blog, Liv’s Recovery Kitchen. Liv is a full-time writer and is in grad school to become a clinical social worker. She firmly believes we are experts in our own lives and should be the only person directing our recovery.

Liv initially recovered in AA, but decided to reclaim her agency and autonomy and lead a self-directed recovery that was fulfilling for her. She now supports individuals in that same process, if they want to leave 12-step recovery. She is also a full-time writer and graduate student working towards an MSW.


Laura McKowen is a beautiful and compelling writer. I’ve described her words as “heaven on a page.” Her writing offers unique and insightful tips on navigating a life of sobriety. Laura describes herself as a mama, writer, light-seeker, and recovery warrior.

She believes that

 “We desperately need each other’s most honest stories-to know that we are not alone, to learn how to move through life, and to remember who we are.”

Laura is a truth-teller – vulnerable, real, authentic, insightful, reflective, and powerful. Her work truly is adventures in truth-telling.


Kelly Junco AKA The Sober Senorita describes herself as a reformed party girl. She is an advocate for women in sobriety and believes that “sobriety is self-love.” Her articles are always personal, but they offer a wide variety of useful tips on how to live a sober life.

She’s fun, expressive, and shows how you can live a life beyond your wildest dreams in sobriety. Kelly writes for various other publications, including The Huffington Post, where she has her own blog!

Since Right Now

Chris Aguirre has joined forces with friends Jeff and Matt to create a community of people in recovery. They have truly started A Recovery Revolution.

There are a variety of different creative and educational resources, including perspectives, insights, reflections, artwork, comical relief, and recovery revelations. The site features some of the best names, voices, artists, and writers in the recovery world and it’s constantly evolving. And while this isn’t a list of top podcasts, you can’t mention Since Right Now without mentioning the highly acclaimed podcast that runs every Wednesday night. Since Right Now continues to be a space to watch (and listen).


Shari Hampton’s brings us Served Up Sober, a company created for sober or sober curious women of color looking for healing and support. More than just a blog, Served Up Sober brings a plethora of resources to those seeking help and support. Events, a podcast, Facebook groups, book recommendations, music, and more combine so that those seeking help can feel supported in every aspect of their lives.

Served Up Sober


Tammi Salas’s blogs are some of the most visually appealing pieces I’ve ever read and witnessed. She’s not only a talented writer but a beautiful artist. The majority of her content is devoted to highlighting each month of her sobriety. When Tammi was first getting sober, she looked for resources that provided the feelings around each milestone of sobriety.

She created her blog in the hopes of providing others an insight into the feelings and experiences that are associated with each month of her sobriety. Tammi’s work highlights her artistic skills but also takes you through her real, intense, personal, and vulnerable feelings as it relates to her sobriety.


Encapsulating Ryan Hampton into a short bio blurb seems almost impossible. He is one of the leading forces in combatting opioid addiction in the US while also shining a light on the barriers those in LGBTQ+ face when it comes to treating and overcoming addiction

Ryan is also an author and political activist who uses his blog to both empower, inspire and motivate all of us to end the stigma and bring about change. He’s not only one of the top 25 recovery bloggers out there but arguably one of the top bloggers in general.


Beth Leipholtz proves that you can get sober at any age. Beth got sober at 20 years old. She writes about her ever-evolving sober life, the pitfalls of sobriety, how she avoids relapse, her experience in dating sober, and general reflections on the life of a 20-something-year-old.

Her site features a variety of stories related to her sobriety, but it also takes you into a real-life account of her own life and her own personal experiences in what it’s like to be an adult.


The Fix features a daily mix of breaking news, exclusive interviews, investigative reports, essays and blogs on sober living, lifestyle and cultural resources, as well as knowledge and wisdom from expert counsel.

The Fix’s stated editorial mission is to destigmatize all forms of addiction and mental health matters, support recovery, and assist toward humane policies and resources. Without a doubt, we can all agree with a mission like that they hold a firm place on the list of the top 25 recovery bloggers.


Finally, yours truly. Annie Grace is the writer behind This Naked Mind. Her book, with the same title, highlights a new approach. Involving the process of Liminal thinking, This Naked Mind focuses on understanding how we construct and change our beliefs in order to help gain freedom from alcohol. As opposed to teaching you how to be sober, Annie Grace shows you how the desire to drink can be removed.

She advocates that the focus is not on staying sober, but on living a life of freedom and joy. On her blog, Annie focuses on answering commonly asked questions related to alcohol, as well as offering a wide variety of “How To” articles as they relate to living an alcohol-free life. In addition, she also has a podcast, YouTube channel and regularly writes for other publications as well.

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