Time To Try Dry July

It might just sound like a catchy little name but perhaps you should consider if it’s time to try Dry July. Has COVID-19 kicked your drinking up a few notches? Are you concerned about the new guidelines from the American Cancer Society? Or do you just feel like maybe alcohol has gotten more important in your day to day life than you ever intended for it to be? Here are a few ways to be successful at a Dry July.


1) Find Your People

One of the most encouraging things we can find on this journey of reevaluating our relationships with alcohol is other people just like us. So find your people. Others who are doing Dry July or who have already found success in an alcohol free challenge, as mindful drinkers, whatever your goal might be. There’s the Dry July website, online support groups, or you can join The Alcohol Experiment. I offer daily support via email there.

2) Progress Over Perfection

This isn’t a competition where we’re going to be deducting scores for flaws or disqualifying anyone over a false start. There are no red flags being thrown on the playing field. We are more likely to find success with compassion and the grace to make mistakes than from expecting nothing but perfection from the outset. How are we to learn where our triggers and misguided beliefs lie if we never have to encounter them? So don’t beat yourself up or throw in the towel if you do have a drink! Choose to get curious about it instead and find out why. You’ll learn what to do differently next time in the process!

3) Don’t Stop Being You

One of the biggest reasons people tend to give up on these alcohol free challenges is because they think that if they aren’t drinking they can no longer enjoy the things they did. That’s just silly. Were you going out to hang out with your drink or your friends? Were you laughing and having conversations with a bottle of beer or with your friends? You’re still you even if you’re doing Dry July. So go out, do what you love. Just swap your Mai Tai for a mocktail and put on your dancing shoes. Or if you’re still socially distancing – join a virtual dance party and find your fun in new ways!

Dry July

If you’re trying Dry July remember that this isn’t about anyone else’s expectations or rules. You get to decide what sort of relationship you want to have with alcohol. This break isn’t about making a forever choice, it’s about making alcohol a non-issue and doing what you want for your reasons.

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