Elevate Your Playlist with This Naked Mind Top Podcast Picks

We know books aren’t for everyone. Maybe you’re a whizz on the treadmill or a master multitasker, but curling up with a book while commuting to work just isn’t your jam. That’s where the magic of podcasts comes in! Learning and inspiration can happen anywhere, anytime, and believe us, there’s a podcast out there for every mood and milestone. So, after your overwhelming response to our book recommendations, we’re branching out and sharing some This Naked Mind top podcast picks – a blend of your suggestions and our TNM favorites. Get ready to plug in and tune up your ears for some seriously good listening!

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This Naked Mind Top Podcast Picks For the Brain Benders:

  • Huberman Lab: Dive deep into the fascinating world of neuroscience with Andrew Huberman, a Stanford professor who breaks down how our brain, body, and mind work together. Episode #86, “What Alcohol Does to Your Body, Brain & Health,” is a must-listen for anyone curious about the real impact of booze.

For the Open-Hearted:

  • Manic Episodes with Mary and Wyatt: This hilarious and heartfelt podcast tackles mental health, relationships, and living authentically. All hosted by super-gay singer-songwriter Mary Lambert and her therapist spouse, Dr. Wyatt Hermansen. Catch my guest episode in Season 2, “Letting Go of Shame & Living Naked,” for a peek into our TNM connection!

This Naked Mind Top Podcast Picks For the Freedom Seekers:

  • Recovery Elevator: Paul Churchill and Kristopher Oyen lift the veil on alcohol-free living through inspiring interviews with people who’ve ditched the booze. I had Paul on my podcast (Episode 61!), and he’s a TNM community favorite.
  • Ten Percent Happier: Dan Harris chats with meditation masters, scientists, and even the Dalai Lama (and yours truly in episode 325!) to explore mindfulness, well-being, and even psychedelics.
  • Sobriety Uncensored: This casual convo cast takes an honest look at all sides of life without alcohol, from the challenges to the unexpected joys.

For the Laughter Therapists:

  • Sober Awkward: Aussies Vic and Hamish bring humor and honesty to living alcohol-free. Proving you can ditch the booze and still laugh at your (slightly cringe-worthy) past. Their tales of vomit, one-night stands, and life on the other side of binge drinking will have you rolling (without the hangover!).

This Naked Mind Top Podcast Picks For the Mindful Movers:

  • Present and Sober: Join Sam and Ellie for a weekly dose of practical mindfulness and body-love exercises to elevate your daily life and discover the magic of alcohol-free living.

Bonus Picks:

  • My Favorite Murder: True crime meets comedy in this hilarious podcast hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. Perfect for a lighthearted listen.
  • The Rob Cast: Dive deeper into the world of Rob Bell, philosopher and author. Check out episode 321 of the This Naked Mind podcast for a taste!
  • The This Naked Mind Podcast: Of course, we couldn’t leave out our own podcast! Real stories, expert insights, and listener Q&A! Everything you need to navigate your alcohol journey and build a life you love.

Some top picks for episodes to start with include:

The over 600 episodes include discussions on maintaining motivation to be alcohol-free, understanding why willpower fails, and navigating life without living in regret and comparison. Every episode offers insights into these topics and more, aimed at supporting listeners through their alcohol-free journeys​​.

So, there you have it! A diverse menu of podcasts to fuel your mind, body, and soul. Put on your headphones, tune in, and discover the joy of learning and inspiration on the go. We’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations too! Share your favorite podcasts with us via email, in our community, or drop us a DM on Instagram!

Happy Listening!