This Naked Mind Launches FREE Course & Community Platform

Have you ever wished that you could call on all of the wisdom and support you’ve grown to love from This Naked Mind instantly? What if you could access countless resources and supportive communities that were completely private, available right at your fingertips, and even easier to use? We heard your requests and we’ve been hard at work creating our brand-new resource platform just for you. It’s been quite the labor of love! We’re thrilled to announce that The This Naked Mind Companion App is now available for free!

this naked mind app

Here are all the details on how to get it and why you won’t want to live without the This Naked Mind Companion App:

Get Immediate Access to The This Naked Mind Companion App

Accessing The This Naked Mind Companion App really can’t get much easier! You can download the free app from the App Store, Google Play, or access it online. In a few clicks, you’ll have us in your back pocket whenever you need us!

Your Privacy Is Important To You (And To Us!)

You’ve always wished that you could be more active in the This Naked Mind Community but you’re a private person. You don’t want all of your business out there for the world to see. You don’t really trust social media. So, until now you’ve been forced to sit on the sidelines. Either as a lurker – just watching the conversation take place around you – or avoiding all of the amazing groups and events This Naked Mind offers altogether!

Our new platform solves that issue. You control how much you share when creating an account on the app. No pressure to share anything you don’t want to and no fear of accidentally posting anything publicly!

The Alcohol Experiment

The Alcohol Experiment is our FREE and revolutionary program that has helped over 365,000 take a 30-day break from alcohol. It is an opportunity to see how life might be different, and dare I say – better – with less (or completely without) alcohol. The Alcohol Experiment now lives inside the This Naked Mind Companion App and allows you to seamlessly transition from your 30-day experiment to the larger TNM community, or even to the hundreds of additional resources inside our platform – all in one place (and without ever having to log in to your social media accounts!).

Over 700 Videos All In One Place

Have you ever had a question when it comes to your relationship with alcohol and thought – “I wonder if Annie has answered this one before..” Figuring out the answer to that could be difficult before. You could try searching Facebook or YouTube, checking Instagram…or maybe it was on the website where you might have seen it. No more scouring the web to find it. Now you can simply head to the app where you’ll find over 700 videos that cover reader questions, podcasts, interviews with special guests, and so much more. Binge watch to your heart’s content all from within the app!

A Private Community inside the This Naked Mind Companion App

It has been said that the opposite of addiction is connection. But finding a safe and private space to create the connection you need when exploring your relationship without alcohol can be difficult. So many of us have this need for support or understanding. We crave the compassion and the advice of others. But we fear judgment if someone within our private circle happens to join the spaces we share on Facebook or another forum. The This Naked Mind Companion App creates the safe and private space you need. You control how much you share while tapping into the thousands of others who have made it safe to question the role alcohol plays in your life. You can finally feel safe to ask questions and be vulnerable!

There’s so much more waiting for you to explore!

The This Naked Mind Companion App is truly packed with an astonishing amount of free and valuable resources. From free classes and live events to opportunities to interact live with Annie Grace, Scott Pinyard, and other coaches, and so much more! If you’re still wondering why you need the This Naked Mind Companion App, it’s because we need you! We need to normalize changing our relationships with alcohol and we do that by creating strong, supportive communities filled with people who can help each other and help us learn how we can best support them.

Join us now!

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