This Naked Mind Book

This Naked Mind Book

Today I launched This Naked Mind Book. Today it became the:  

#1 New Release on Amazon in Alcoholism Recovery

I am awed and humbled. And I would like to tell you where This Naked Mind book began…

I was in a train tunnel deep under London Heathrow International Airport. I was having one of those big moments in life, moments where you know everything must change. I had stayed up drinking the night before (a typical work trip) and topped myself off with a few screwdrivers at breakfast. Long before this day I had decided to moderate my drinking, yet sitting there I realized rather than drinking less I was drinking more. And I didn’t understand why.

I was lost. I believed I was smart, capable and strong-willed yet with alcohol I felt weak, stupid and out of control. What was happening to me? I was losing myself.

I was convinced that alcohol had no right to be big and powerful in my life when I wanted it to be small and irrelevant. I didn’t yet understand the brain science, the role of the unconscious mind or the cycle of addiction but I knew I was not willing to continue allowing this substance so much power in my life. I refused to be controlled. 

Alcohol is now powerless over me. It is small. It is irrelevant. I am free.

Today, with the help of 9,501 (!) early readers, I published a This Naked Mind a book about my journey to freedom. It is not just my story but a scientific methodology for anyone to regain control. As of this moment I receive 3-4 letters per day from the 9,501 people have downloaded This Naked Mind Book, people who report amazing results. This Naked Mind book is a way to change your perspective, to empower yourself and find freedom. 

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What readers are saying: 
This Naked Mind Book Review
“As a fellow “Naked” traveler on this path and as a Chemical Dependency treatment facility owner and a Clinical Director, I STRONGLY recommend that you purchase this book. I read it in one sitting and used portions of it in a therapy group the same evening. The book will open some minds and will not be accepted by those who are used to a “older” approach. I hope that you will appreciate the energy that it took to write this book as much as I did.” Bill Duke, Awakening Recovery center

“I found this book just at the right time. After another drunken Saturday night that left me passed out in the City, I decided I needed help but didn’t fancy any big commitment like joining AA. This book discusses the notion that you don’t have to spend the rest of your life recovering when it is possible to reprogram your thinking back to a time before you ever had your first drink of alcohol. Just by reading it and being honest with yourself you can remove the mental craving for a drink. It really worked and has meant I can enjoy my life and family without feeling I’m denying myself. I have no desire to go back to the pain that I caused myself and others and have been sober for two months today. Could be one of the most influential books I ever read . Thank You Annie Grace – You’re a Legend!”


“Having read Jason Vales book, How to quit the Drink Easily, I found that Annie’s book has continued to contribute and reinforce my decision to cease consuming alcohol. The Naked Mind delves further into the logic and science behind addiction. If this is the first book a person reads about quitting alcohol they will find an excellent tool on the path to ending this battle. I purchase three books at a time to give away to those I love and for those who love them to read along and support that persons journey of conscious choice. The Naked Mind is a fabulous guide for anyone questioning their use of alcohol.”


“I am absolutely confident that this book will change your view of alcohol forever. I am equally confident that those looking for help or to change their relationship with alcohol, will find not only a kindred spirit in Annie Grace’s candid account of her own experience, journey and transformation, but will also find what they are looking for here. Accessible, brutally honest and ruthlessly researched, Annie Grace has written what I believe will prove to be an important, seminal and game changing book. I have no doubt it will help a lot of people.”

This Naked Mind Book

If you’ve ever had ‘one too many’ (who hasn’t) and would like to control your consumption, then this is the book for you. Simple and straightforward, Annie explains how alcohol works on the brain and on the body. Then she reveals the skills and techniques that you can employ to let you control the drink – yes, the drink does not control you. There’s no self-hating ‘I am an alcoholic’; no ‘mind-over-matter’ hard work; no need for superhuman self-control. And once you’ve read the book, you’ll be able to enjoy a drink on your own terms.
It’s an easy read – took me a couple of hours and I can truly say its changed my relationship with Man’s favourite treat forever.

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