This Naked Mind Book Club – The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World

Back in the early days of This Naked Mind, I would suggest a book or another valuable piece of information at the end of every newsletter. These have always been books and resources that I personally found very valuable on my journey. Being so many years into this journey, it’s no longer about living alcohol-free for me. Now the focus is on what I can do to continue living a naked life. One that is always open, always questioning, curious, and authentic. I want to share this quest with you so that you, too, can live a Naked Life beyond just what is in your glass. Join us again this month for the This Naked Mind Book Club!

this naked mind book club

This Naked Mind Book Club – The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World – Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, and Douglas Carlton Abrams

“So our responsibility is to pursue the goal with all we can muster, do the best we can but not become fixated on a preconceived notion of a result. Sometimes, actually quite often, our efforts lead to an unexpected outcome that might even be better than what we originally had in mind.”

This quote resonated with me because my immediate goal when it came to drinking was simply to be less hungover.

What I did not intend to achieve was a greater state of awareness and focus. A clearer picture of what a normal day looks and feels like. Not a day where the first two or three hours are spent burning off the fog that the final two or three hours of the previous night provided.

What was your immediate goal? What unexpected benefits stood out to you immediately instead?

We often begin a change in our lives with a certain goal in mind but discover that the unexpected benefits are what keep us motivated and encouraged instead. Has that been your experience ever?

One of the things that is repeated throughout the book is the idea that getting out of ourselves and into the service of others is directly related to joy.

Do you regularly do things into the service of others? What impact has that made on your joy?

Loving ourselves is a momentous act of service, because we are no use to anyone else if we don’t love ourselves.

How do you put effort towards loving yourself? What impact has that made on your ability to be of service to others? Has it changed your threshold for compassion and empathy?

More Suggestions from Annie’s Book Club

So many amazing books and resources have been mentioned in our newsletters, podcasts, interviews, and so many other places. If you’re a voracious reader like I am, you could probably use a few more books to place on your list. Here are some bonus features to check out:

Inspiring Read

I read this book a few years ago and it was a great inspiration that I wanted to share with you. Sometimes fear holds us back from finding freedom and this book provides motivation for focusing on freedom rather than fear! Definitely check out Motivation Manifesto if fear seems to take the driver’s seat a bit too often in your life.

Quick Read

Download our 6 tips for taking a break from booze!

Let’s be honest – sometimes we just don’t have time to sit down and read an entire book! I love downloading e-books for those occasions when I just need a quick read and a moment to ponder. If that is what you’re looking for, you should definitely check out “Six Best Tips for Taking A Break From Booze.” This e-book offers tips for those curious about what life might be like with a little less booze in it! Download it here!

Audio Options

I know, I know – not everyone is a reader! If you’re more of a listener – or maybe you enjoy both – there are plenty of great options for you as well. Podcasts can be a treasure trove of information and knowledge. I love them because they are so convenient to listen to – while driving, while exercising, or even at the grocery store. Red Table Talk has an excellent podcast to accompany their Facebook Watch series and I was lucky enough to be featured as a guest, share my story, and hear from an outstanding physician who shared signs where one may be drinking too much. You can listen below.

For Motivation

alcohol experiment expanded edition

Is it bad taste to link your own books? Oh well! The day-by-day journal in The Alcohol Experiment Expanded Edition has been a powerful tool for so many when they find their motivation begins to wane. Being able to look back and see the growth you’ve made during the 30-day journey and reflect upon the changes in your life and your relationship with alcohol is so powerful.

Looking Ahead at This Naked Mind Book Club

I hope you are enjoying this journey of living a Naked Life! Continue the conversation and discuss the books featured in our Facebook group. Next month we’ll be reading a book that looks at finding our purpose in life. I can’t wait to join you again for this read! Make sure to drop me a comment if you have any suggestions for future book club reads!