Hot sun and cold beers. Sandy beaches and tiki bars. Pool floats and frozen drinks. It’s easy to think that as the days get hot, it’s time to let the drinks flow. This isn’t the season for drinking though. Summer and alcohol really don’t mix!

summer and alcohol

It’s Not Healthy

Summer and alcohol don’t mix for so many reasons, but a huge one is your health. Alcohol is a diuretic – it forces fluid out of your body. Not a good idea when the temp is rising and you’re already sweating bullets. The last thing you need is another thing to possibly dehydrate you! Also – alcohol has been shown to increase your likelihood of developing skin cancer, which is one of the most undetected and deadliest forms of cancer.

It’s Not Truly Refreshing

If you’re looking to find true refreshment this summer, you won’t get it from alcohol. A fruity drink doesn’t taste refreshing at all. In fact, it leaves you even thirstier! A beer does the same. If you really want to to cool off or feel refreshed, you actually need to give your body what it needs to find refreshment. An ice-cold glass of water will refresh you. A dip in the pool, lake or ocean will refresh you. Or even just lounging in the air conditioning with a good book – that is true refreshment.

Summer and Alcohol Don’t Relax You

There is no denying that the heat of the summer can drain you. Everything seems more intense in the summer and thus our need to relax increases. Alcohol won’t ever bring you real relaxation, though. It provides a temporary numbness to the stress, but it relieves nothing. How can you truly relax this summer without alcohol? Try sunrise yoga, take a nap, float in the pool, watch the sunset over the water or go fishing. Allowing our mind to rest is what brings relaxation, not numbing it.

What Should You Drink Instead?

Part of the “fun” of summer might be in the beverages for you. By all means, still indulge in that fun. First off – no one says the fun drinkware is limited to alcoholic drinks. So by all means, pull out the paper umbrellas or frosty mugs – just change up what you’re pouring into them! I had a load of fun making an alcohol-free watermelon and lime granita recently! There are also many great non-alcoholic beer, wine and spirit choices constantly emerging now if that’s your fancy. You can also be your own mixologist, whipping up refreshing mocktails using summer flavors like lemon, lime and berry. I personally love a Winnie Palmer – unsweet tea mixed with lemonade!

Find Out More On Why Summer And Alcohol Don’t Mix

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