It’s easy to talk about all the things you need to do in order to live alcohol free. What about the things you should stop doing?

things you should stop doing

Things You Should Stop Doing For Your Physical Health

These should be no-brainers but in case you need a reminder, stop doing these things so you can enjoy your body and good health for years to come!

49. Drinking alcohol
48. Smoking
47. Sugar
46. Soda
45. Missing sleep
44. Avoiding exercise
43. Not wearing your seat belt
42. Hitting the drive through
41. Rescheduling that doctor’s appointment
40. Skipping the sunscreen

Things You Should Stop Doing For Your Mental Health

In addition to keeping your body healthy, you also need to take care of your mental health. These are the things you should stop doing to keep your psyche healthy –

39. Drinking alcohol (Yes, on there again! It’s THAT important!!)
38. Missing sleep (See above!)
37. Rescheduling that other doctor appointment.
36. Saying Yes when you want to say no
35. Checking social media constantly
34. Overthinking
33. Comparing
32. Holding onto toxic habits
31. Holding onto toxic relationships

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30. Practicing avoidance

Things You Should Stop Doing To Others

While we all strive to be good friends there’s things we need to stop doing to others that will allow them to shine!

29)  Judging
28) Pressuring friends to do something they don’t want to
27) Isolating yourself
26) Diminishing their feelings or concerns
25) Giving unsolicited advice
24) Monopolizing conversations
23) Ghosting people
22) Looking at your phone when you’re together
21) Bragging (even if you don’t mean to!)
20) Being scared to make new friends

Things You Should Stop Doing For Others

No matter how well intentioned, there are things you should stop doing for others. In most cases, it just brings you down and adds to your stress!

19) Making excuses
18) Making appointments/plans
17) Doing more than they do for you
16) People pleasing
15) Offering a handout
14) Keeping track
13) Comparing
12) Competing
11) Forcing a friendship that has run it’s course

More Things You Should Stop Doing

While we’re at it, here’s a few more things you should stop doing –

10) Skipping the floss
9)  Double dipping
8) Blaming yourself
7) Being negative
6) Apologizing
5) Second guessing yourself
4) Putting yourself last
3) Eating dessert last
2) Trying to be someone you’re not

And finally

1) Stop worrying about what others will think if you do or don’t do something. You’re here to live YOUR life. If that means an alcohol free life that allows you to be your best self, then embrace that wholeheartedly!