49 Things To Bring To A Party Instead Of Alcohol

We’ve all been conditioned to bring a gift when we attend a party. For most of us, that has meant a bottle of wine or other alcohol. What do you bring when you’re no longer drinking or the host is not a drinker? This Naked Mind brings you 49 things to bring to a party instead of alcohol.
Things To Bring To A Party Instead Of Alcohol

Food and Drinks To Bring To A Party Instead Of Alcohol

Every host or hostess loves to have a bit less party planning to do. You could help them by bringing –

49. Flavored Lemonades and Teas
48. Coffee Bar Fixings
47. Ice Cream and Toppings
46. BBQ Rubs
45. Fresh baked bread and bread dips
44. Cupcakes
43. Soup – for the host/hostess to eat after the party
42. Bruschetta
41. A fruit tray
40. Chocolate chip cookies along with cookie mix to make later for the host

Thoughtful Things To Bring To A Party Instead of Alcohol

Your host or hostess put in a lot of work to throw this party. Reward them with –

39. Movie theater gift cards
38. A selection of books – You might include This Naked Mind or The Alcohol Experiment!

37. Bath salts
36. Scented candles
35. Essential oils
34. A water infuser
33. Soothing music selections
32. A journal
31. A flower arrangement
30. A picture frame and gift card for photo printing so they can capture the memory of the party!

Fun Things To Bring To A Party Instead of Alcohol

The life of the party isn’t in the alcohol, it’s in the activities. Why not bring –

29) Giant Jenga
28) Twister and paint
27) Karaoke
26) A sheet and a movie projector
25) A cotton candy machine
24) A popcorn machine
23) Paint, canvas panels and paintbrushes
22) Balloons to create animals with
21) Fake Mustaches
20) Mad Libs

Spicy Things To Bring To A Party Instead of Alcohol

Afraid people will think you’re boring if you don’t bring alcohol? Show up with –

19) An assortment of hot sauces
18) A game like Dirty Minds or Cards Against Humanity
17) Desserts made with chipotle chili and other spicy treats
16) A dance instructor to teach the mambo or the cha cha!
15) A mixed CD with all your old-school favorites!
14) A gift certificate for a baby sitter so you guys can all party later next time
13) Fondue
12) Horchata
11) Fun Costumes

Family Friendly Things To Bring To A Party Instead of Alcohol

Many times back yard parties include the kids! Bring gifts that will entertain toddlers to teens –

10) Video Games
9)  A sprinkler
8) Fireworks
7) Sidewalk paint
6) Silly string
5) Water balloons
4) A slime kit
3) Giant bubbles
2) Water guns

The Greatest Gift

1) The best thing you can bring to a party is yourself. Your presence, your peace and your time are greater than any gift – alcohol related or not.